Does Using Deep Web Protect Us From Worldcoin Scams?

Worldcoin Scams

The question arises: Can access to the deep web search engine serve as a shield against Worldcoin scams?

In today’s digital world, where advancements are shaping the way we interact with technology, Worldcoin brings a unique method of biometric verification system using iris scans that have sparked both fascination and alarm. This creative approach to identity verification promises flawless access and heightened security. However, the emergence of a black market for iris scans raises serious concerns about privacy and ethical implications.

In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll unveil all the potential benefits, risks, and limitations of accessing the deep web as a mode of protection against Worldcoin scams.

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What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin was created by Sam Altman, who is best known as the CEO of OpenAL, the company that received worldwide recognition with its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. It joins AI technologies with deep web cryptocurrencies and blockchain in an open-source protocol allowing global economic access.

Like other cryptocurrencies, It is decentralized, which means users have taken the decision, not by a centralized entity, such as a bank. It takes about two years to complete this project. Worldcoin explores addressing income inequality via a unique World ID.

The aim of Worldcoin and the company is to provide people with a form of identification that can never be stolen or duplicated. Worldcoin designs a “World ID” by scanning someone’s eyeballs through “orbs.” It is a device that captures an image of their irises, the colored parts of the eyes.

However, there have been various security breaches where usernames and passwords have been stolen. Instead of accessing old technology such as passwords, a person can simply sign up with the help of World ID.

A person will be signed into World ID, not some form of bot or AI. There are three parts to World ID:

  • A unique digital identity to be accessed globally.
  • A global currency through Worldcoin tokens.
  • It is an app for payments, transfers, and buying using cryptocurrency or traditional assets.

What is the Aim of Worldcoin?

Going through the online world in 2023 can often feel like an unstoppable obstacle course of lurking dangers. The majority of websites want a login and password to sign up. Fraudsters have all forms of strategies to trap you into clicking on links and sending them money. Additionally, bots are getting worse on social media platforms.

Moreover, with the creation of AI, our ability to recognize who is a human online and who isn’t is about to get worse. This year, OpenAI’s GPT-4 convinced a human to solve a CAPTCHA -(a technology created to distinguish humans from bots) on its behalf.

Sam Altman, founder, and CEO of OpenAI, is responsible for facing this problem. However, Worldcoin serves as his potential solution. It is a way to differentiate between humans and AIs. If all humans come online and prove they are humans, Worldcoin scams and fraud could decrease. Hence, digital landscapes will become a more accurate representation of us as a society.

Therefore, to prove humans are humans, Worldcoin scans irises, which are new to their owners. This project is not similar to the biometric scans done by CLEAR or Apple’s Face ID.

How Does Worldcoin Work?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Worldcoin provides users with a token for the future without requiring investment funds upfront. No matter where they are from or how much money they have, it wants to establish a global economy for everyone.

To access Worldcoin, users need to scan their eyes through a sphere-shaped device known as an Orb, ensuring everyone is human and can be signed up only once. Moreover, this unique device is becoming the center of attention as AI continues to grow, and verifying whether someone is a person or a machine is essential with the rise of AI.

Each person has clear or well-defined irises, like fingerprints. The Orb uses the structure of the iris subject’s eyes to create a special identifying code that serves as the person’s unique identifier. Then the code is saved on the Worldcoin decentralized blockchain in order to stop others from duplicating it. Moreover, the scans are anonymized, so they can’t be traced back to that user after the identifier is created.

The Orb won’t save biometric data but will keep an IrisHash, which is a bunch of generated numbers to identify the user based on their scan. A user will acquire a World ID or digital passport after they have an IrisHash and cryptocurrency wallet. People can find an Orb center in 35 countries. The size of the orb is like a bowling ball, and scanning the iris at these centers in person. These are available in various large cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America, including New York and California locations.

3 Steps for Worldcoin Process

Here are three steps to complete the Worldcoin process:

  • Download World App: First, you need to create a Worldcoin account and get a crypto wallet called WalletConnect to join other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and more conventional currencies, including stablecoins. Additionally compatible with social networking apps like Instagram and X is WalletConnect.
  • Sign up For World ID: Investors can access the World App without having World ID. However, they will not obtain the free share of Worldcoin tokens without navigating a Worldcoin Operator Center and scanning their iris with the Orb to verify identity.
  • Get a Free Share of Worldcoin and Other Digital Currencies: After validating their unique identities, people can access their World ID in the World App to get their free Bitcoin and Ethereum airdrops. Users enter their World ID to ask for their free tokens in the countries where Worldcoin tokens are available

User Privacy Concerns

Though users must give informed authorization for one company to handle all of their data, privacy experts and authorities, have expressed privacy concerns regarding collecting Worldcoin’s data.

According to Worldcoin, this project is completely confidential since the biometric data is either deleted or saved in an encrypted format.

Furthermore, the iris scan will only be available on the black market, and it will allow access to Worldcoin accounts for users.

How Do You Join and Get Free Tokens of Worldcoin?

How Do You Join and Get Free Tokens of Worldcoin

However, Worldcoin is giving away free crypto tokens to new users only when they have been verified via an eye scan. Here is how you will become a Worldcoin user and get access to the free tokens:

  • Visit the Google Play or App Store and download the World App.
  • Now, create an account using your phone number or email.
  • Choose to reserve your crypto coins on World App. Remember that if you wish to sign up for an account on World App, you can reserve 25 free WLD cryptocurrency tokens at the time of writing.
  • Access the Worldcoin App to search for the nearest orb operators in your location.
  • Go to the biometric orb location to verify your identity during working hours.
  • The biometric orb must scan the iris to finish the verification.
  • A unique identification code will be issued, and free WLD crypto tokens will be stored on your account.

In contrast, you can buy WLD coins from crypto trading platforms such as Binance if you won’t like to scan your iris.

Furthermore, you can view your wallet funds on the Worldcoin app, reserve your WLD grant after verification of your ID, and purchase, deposit, and send your WLD.

Criticism Over Data Privacy

The project has received a lot of criticism across the board from privacy activists, cybersecurity experts, and crypto enthusiasts. One of the first men to react to the launch of Worldcoin was Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. He raised his voice to know the method used to generate World IDs. Buterin said anyone could scan another person’s iris to see whether they had a World ID.

MIT Technology reporters say Worldcoin used “deceptive marketing practices, collected more personal data than acknowledged and failed to obtain meaningful informed consent.” They further said that the majority of its early signups came from developing countries in Asia and Africa, where data and privacy laws are not so strict.

Cointelegraph’s approach to Worldcoin scams regarding data privacy concerns; a speaker said that the Worldcoin Foundation gathers all laws and regulations governing the processing of personal data in the markets where Worldcoin is accessible. Furthermore, the speaker said:

“From its inception, Worldcoin was designed to protect individual privacy. The project has implemented a privacy-centric design and has built a robust privacy program, conducting a rigorous data protection impact assessment and responding timely to individual requests to delete their personal data.”

Where is Worldcoin launching?

The project was inaugurated in 35 cities across 20 countries, with new signups beginning on July 24. The project managed upwards of 2 million signups. As a result, its launch shows lackluster early reports.

Furthermore, Hong Kong recorded the greatest number of signups among 20 countries in the first couple of days, accounting for approximately half of all signups. Nevertheless, there were three locations in Hong Kong that saw around 200 signups, collecting the total number of signups on the first day was about 1000, which is low as compared to the pre-release signups.

Worldcoin has not introduced WLD in the United States and has stated clearly in terms of its service that it is “not intended to be available for use, purchase, or access” by U.S. residents.

Therefore, Worldcoin has primarily focused on countries with fewer privacy concerns and regulations for testing, such as Kenya, Sudan, and Ghana.

Understanding the Deep Web and Its Importance

The deep web is the hidden part of the internet that wasn’t indexed by traditional search engines. It contains a wide range of websites, databases, and platforms that are not easily available through standard browsers. Therefore, this hidden nature comes with anonymity and security that will be grasped to protect sensitive transactions and data.

Enhanced Privacy through Anonymity

One of the main advantages of accessing the deep web is its enhanced privacy. Worldcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger like other cryptocurrency dealings, allowing transparency. Nevertheless, this transparency is a way to enhance security breaches. By doing transactions on the deep web, investors can insert an extra layer of anonymity while making it harder for malicious actors to trace and conduct transactions with specific individuals.

Reduced Exposure to Cyber Threats

Worldcoin isn’t protected from cyber threats such as hacking and phishing attacks. Accessing the traditional internet will expose users to these risks as hackers target vulnerabilities in commonly used platforms. With a deep web encrypted and anonymous environment, it shows a more secure space for online activities. Investors can decrease their chances of falling victim to cyber threats by limiting their exposure to the surface web.

Encryption and Data Protection

Deep web platforms give importance to encryption and data protection. This is especially beneficial while dealing with cryptocurrencies such as Worldcoin, where your financial information is at stake. Once you’re accessing encrypted communications channels and secure platforms on the deep web, it will shield your sensitive data from potential breaches.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

There are some restrictions in a few regions on accessing cryptocurrencies, or governmental authorities may monitor them. Therefore, the deep web can work as a workaround for individuals living in such areas. When you are using Worldcoin-related platforms through the deep web, you must bypass geographical restrictions and engage with the cryptocurrency without unnecessary hurdles.

Lighten Identity Theft Risks

Identity theft is an essential concern in the digital age, and it is especially appropriate when dealing with cryptocurrencies. With the help of the deep web’s inherent anonymity makes it impossible for hackers to collect personal information that will be used for identity theft. Hence, investors can reduce the risk of their identities being compromised by accessing Worldcoin transactions through deep web channels.

Does Using the Deep Web Protect Us From the Worldcoin Scams?

Deep Web Protect Us From the Worldcoin Scams

The deep web, often mingled with the dark web, refers to the part of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines. Further, it contains pages behind paywalls, private databases, and other content that isn’t easily accessible. Nevertheless, the deep web doesn’t offer guaranteed protection against scams like the Worldcoin scam. On the other hand, it can provide some layer of anonymity and privacy due to its lack of indexing. However, it doesn’t shield users from any kind of online fraud.

Benefits of Deep Web for Online Security

The deep web offers you some advantages while accessing it in terms of online security:

  • Anonymity: The deep web provides a greater level of anonymity as compared to the surface web. It makes it harder for scammers to track user activities.
  • Secure Transactions: Some parts of the deep web offer the option for secure and private transactions. Hence, it reduces the risk of sensitive financial and personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Risks and Limitations of Deep Web Protection

It is important to approach the idea of accessing the deep web for protection against Worldcoin scams with precautions and knowledge of its limitations.

  • False Sense of Security: Depending on the deep web for protection can generate a false sense of security. Although it offers anonymity, it does not neglect the requirements of other cybersecurity measures.
  • Varied Content: The deep web is not completely free from fraudulent or malicious content. Scammers use their tactics to exploit the deep web, keeping it more vigilant.
  • Scammers’ Adaptability: Scammers are known to adapt changing and evolving strategies to circumvent security measures. Relying entirely on the deep web may not be adequate protection.

Understanding the Worldcoin Scams

The Worldcoin scam is a particular type of online scam where scammers promise to return the cryptocurrency investment. New investors will spend in a new cryptocurrency called “Worldcoin,” while fraudsters claim that it will revolutionize the market. When the investment was done, fraudsters vanished with the funds, leaving the victims with substantial losses.

Red Flags of the Worldcoin Scams

You must learn these red flags in order to save yourself from falling victim to the Worldcoin scam.

  • Too Good to Be True: If an investment offers you unrealistically high returns with minimal risk and high alert, it is a scam, most probably.
  • Lack of Information: Fraudsters often give vague details about their cryptocurrency, and it makes it very hard to verify their claims.
  • Force to Invest Too Quickly: Scammers try to trap users and force them to invest before conducting thorough research.

Using Deep Web in Conjunction with Other Measures

Although the deep web gives you some advantages in terms of online security, accessing it in conjunction with other protective measures is essential. Here’s how you can develop your protection against the Worldcoin scam:

  • Educate Yourself: Be informed about common online scams and scammers’ tactics. Awareness is your best defense.
  • Research Investment: You must conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Verify the legitimacy of the currency and its creators.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Allow MFA for your online accounts to add an extra layer of security.
  • Secure Connections: Make sure to access secure and encrypted connections when using sensitive information online.

Explore the Top 3 Deep Web Markets for 2023

  1. Tor2door Market

It is the largest darknet market in 2023 and covers a wide range of physical and digital product listings. It is easy to navigate and carries around 10,000 listings all over the world. This market is preferred by those who conduct their purchases using multisignature escrow. Hence, Tor2Door is the perfect option for them.

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  • Bohemia Market

It is a newer darknet market that recently started to pick up steam, thanks to the August closure of the White House Market. It has a user-friendly layout and supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Bohemia stays active on Dread and other darknet forums and resoles its users’ issues effectively.

  • Vice City Market

It is a medium-sized darknet market that began in May 2020 and has the ability to manage a dedicated crowd of customers and vendors. The market page is a bit slow, takes time to load, and suffers frequent timeout errors. However, it manages to maintain some consistency, and a reasonable $300 vendor bond offers a low entry point for new vendors.

FAQs About Deep Web Protect Us From Worldcoin Scams

Q1: Can the deep web give complete protection against the Worldcoin scam?

Ans: No, Although the deep web provides certain security benefits, it is not a foolproof cover against scams such as the Worldcoin scam. It is recommended to approach it multi-pronged.

Q2: Is accessing the deep web illegal?

Ans: No, using the deep web itself is not illegal. It is important to distinguish between the deep web and illegal activities that happen on the dark web.

Q3: Can fraudsters operate within the deep web?

Ans: Yes, scammers can monitor the deep web as they can on the surface web. However, the deep web is not immune to fraudulent activities.

Q4: How can I differentiate between a legitimate cryptocurrency and a scam?

Ans: Legitimate cryptocurrencies consist of transparent whitepapers, active development teams, and clear use cases. Therefore, scams often need these elements.

Q5: Should I avoid spending on cryptocurrencies altogether?

Ans: Investing in cryptocurrency either carries risks or has profited. However, some have faced losses. It is recommended to research and invest cautiously.

Q6: Are there any government regulations to prevent cryptocurrency scams?

Ans: The government was going to regulate cryptocurrencies, but fraud can still occur. Hence, you need to stay cautious and informed.


However, the deep web can provide certain benefits in terms of online security, and it is not an infallible cover against scams such as the Worldcoin scam. In order to prevent fraud, adopt a multifaceted approach that combines education, research, cautious investment, and the implementation of secure online practices. With the help of staying informed and proactive, you can go through the digital landscape with much more confidence and lessen the risk of falling into fraudulent schemes.