Top 8 Best Deep Web Search Engines of 2022

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How to access the dark web content or the hidden side of the internet? You need special deep web search engines to explore the dark world. Although, accessing dark web content is difficult as Google does not work on the dark web. No matter how much you try, the site belongs to a private network or needs a password. This blog will let you know some of the best dark web search engine browsers.

However, deep web content is more times larger than normal search content yet has remained mostly intact because of the restrictions. So, in order to search the hidden things on the web, you have to dive a little deeper. These hidden websites are not legal, as all the illegal activities take place on the deep web. However, Google does not index hidden sites, so the deep websites need special browsers Designed for this purpose. Let’s Discuss the best deep web search engines of 2022 that will allow you to search the hidden content. The best thing about the deep web browser is you can able to search the internet anonymously.

Tip: Use VPN Before Accessing Dark Web

VPN Before Accessing Dark Web
VPN Before Accessing Dark Web

Do you know that browsing some illegal sites is a crime? And on the dark web, you never know where the next link will take you, as they are the usual random numbers & alphabets. So if you are going to access the dark web, it means that you are searching for things that are prohibited or restricted by the government.

However, just using the TOR browser is not sufficient. TOR can easily be hacked. So for your security, I suggest you use a VPN along with TOR when searching the dark content. Follow the below guideline to use VPN.

  • Install a VPN that supports “Onion over VPN” (I recommend you to use NordVPN. It will cost you less than $3.99/ month).
  • Shut down all the open apps on your device.
  • Open the VPN> now connect it to the “Onion over VPN” server.
  • Now, run the TOR browser to the newest version.
  • Then, increase your browser security to the “Safest.” It will ensure that you cannot be traced easily by anyone and cannot be troubled for automatically landing on something illegal.

8 Best Deep Web Search Engines List to Access Dark Web

The deep web is a massive world of hidden content, and to access the deep content, you need special Tor search browsers search. So let’s discuss top search engines that let you explore the dark world. Before searching, you must keep yourself secure and use a reliable VPN all time.

Deep Web Search Engines List to Access Dark Web
Deep Web Search Engines List to Access Dark Web
  • Ahmia

Ahmia is one of the proper& secure deep web search engines that establish a high-quality search engine for Tor-based hidden content. It is the oldest web search engine and has a unique feature that allows you to access the Ahmia on the clearnet, and the results you will see are that of onion domains. It assists the Users of the TOR mystery network to find out various useful sites on the dark web. Further, Ahmia can also be used to open insights, statistics, and news about the Tor network. Hence, it is the best dark web search engine that brings out the darkest results.

Moreover, Ahmia is special and allows you to read deep web URLs in a regular browser like Google. Although, you need TOR to access the URLs. Ahmia also initiates to rid abuse things from its platform, which differs from others that continue to index sex abuse sites.

  • HayStak

Haystak is a highly efficient search engine for the dark web with over 1.5 billion indexed pages. There are two available versions of HayStak, where the basic version allows you comfortably search through the dark web, whereas the premium version offers you more information such as historical version, cached version, datapoints, and more. You can also experience the occasional ads most of the time in a free version.

Although HayStak’s search engine is less reliable than others, you may have to play with the keywords to get relevant content. Moreover, it also uses the dark web crawler and filters abusive content. But there is no doubt that HayStak reached the part of the Tor network that other browsers can’t. 

  • Torch

Torch is a well-known and highly-praised deep web search engines. The absolute fact is that the search engine established its potential in 1996. Although, the dark forces of the internet do not allow anything to live this long without quality. As per the torch team, torch scrapes new onion sites each day, and the aim is to index every Tor website that people can access. They also claim that they have indexed over 1 million onion sites & over 4 million web pages.

However, the results on torch are not filtered & you can access all types of content, including nasty links. The best thing about the torch is that it does not track you & always respects your privacy. Hence, it is an all-in-one deep web browser with powerful features. 

  • DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo deep web search engine is like a Google for the dark web and the most used search engine for the TOR browser. It is the most privacy-respecting browser as it does not log IP address, the sites you search, and how much time you spend on the site or anything that may invade your details. Moreover, it only displays the clearnet URLs in its search engine index, but if you search the deep web & don’t wish your search history tracked, DuckDuckGo is the way out.

However, you get various search options with this deep web search engine, which is another main benefit. Hence, I suggest you merge DuckDuckGo with the onion site to enhance the search range for you to discover the dark web. Hence, it is an ideal deep web search browser to increase your online anonymity.

  • Kilos

Kilos break the deep web boundaries and venture into the darker side of the internet. It means this deep web search engine has almost everything you see that is illegal. Basically, Kilos are used to buy and sell drugs online. It provides search features with filters like display currency, shipping source, destination, and payment options (for the drugs). So anyone can easily find the required product by using this web browser.

Moreover, every site that kilos search for the deep web comes up with related to your search is illegal. As Kilos is a deep web browser, the search results from Kilos are basically from the darkest ends of the web. In short, Kilos is a browser that allows you to search through darknet markets by registering.

  • Phobos

Phobos web browser is also the most recommended deep web search engine because of its interface. It has an Ad-free interface and a huge database sufficient to cater to most of your searches. The other main feature is that it does not display duplicate links, as other search engines repeatedly show the same primary domain for the same keyword. Hence, Phobos is simple to search and a high-speed browser for Tor.

  • Hidden Wiki

It is one of the great deep web browsers to start exploring the hidden web.A hidden wiki is basically a links directory, a webpage with various deep web links you can visit. When you search the deep web, you will explore different useful places where you have to be cautious. The unfiltered hidden wiki has so many uncensored collections of links, locations, and articles that, over the site’s history, have included links to information on criminals, drugs to child pornography.

However, it is a dark web version of Wikipedia that provides links to different sites on the dark web. The site has cleaned up its act, but still, some links & illegal sites are to be found. So always be secure while searching for the dark web. Moreover, hidden wiki offers informative web pages on a different range of topics that might relate to your search query.

  • Pipl

We can say that Pipl is the deep web search browser to find the right person behind an online identity. The main goal of this web browser is to help businesses build connections & help them succeed. It interacts with the libraries and other databases to get details about the person and interact well.

The main advantage of this deep web search browser is that it decreases the manual & tiresome task of accessing the person’s details, which enhances the overall work productivity of a business. Hence, Pipl offers you more detail about the person than any other social media platform. So, if you own a business and find a reliable tool to make your task easier to access databases, give a try to Pipl.

Final Thoughts of Deep Web Search Engines              

The hidden web is full of deep useful information, and to access the broad range of hidden content on the dark web, you need advanced dark web monitoring search browsers. So for your ease, we have mentioned all the best deepweb search engines that will help you access the dark world. But it is suggested to use the VPN before accessing the dark world because you never know what’s on the other side, so for your safety, use VPN.Let us know if these search browsers for Tor worked for you. Which would you like to prefer most?

Note: This article is only for informational purposes. There is no aim to encourage you to search for hidden content. I’m not responsible for any loss or harm.