Where to Buy Weed on the Darknet Marketplace & Vendor Shops

Where to Buy Weed on the Darknet

Drugs like weed become more ordinary in many countries and states. They have initiated the process of authorizing and making weed legal. But in most parts of the world, drugs are illegal, and a person trapped with the drug can aspect charges or a lot of time in prison. Currently, the Darknet has become a most popular spot to buy and sell weed, cannabis, and other kind of drugs.

While it is unsurprising that the most sold and bought drugs on the deep web or darknet marketplace and vendor shops are weed and cannabis. But hovering through the dark net and buying weed can be frightening for a beginner. As using the dark web Internet is quite tricky to use.

So, here in this post, we will let you know where and how you can buy drugs on the dark web surface.

But remember to be cautious about browsing the Dark Web or Darknet Internet because they are truly scariest and might seal your personal info and IP address.

Where to Buy Weed Online on the Darknet

Purchasing weed from the Dark Web has never been easier. But with the growth of cryptocurrencies and encrypted communication networks, purchasing weed has become a popular substitute for those who want to buy their hoard inconspicuously.

Buy Weed Online on the Darknet

However, directing via the numerous marketplaces and vendor shops can be intimidating if you are new to the dark web. Below we have introduced you to some of the best markets and vendor shops on the dark web to purchase weed.

But first, look at some important things you must remember when hovering over these places on the dark web.

Important Things to Remember When Buying Weed on the Dark Web

These marketplaces differ regarding cryptocurrency acceptance, customer support, vendor selection, payment methods support, number of listings, general ease of navigation, and listing categories.

But all of these below-mentioned markets have mutual things, such as not each market supporting direct payments or will have a lot of vendors willing to ship to your spot. Moreover, remember if a marketplace supports direct pay and Bitcoin (BTC) Multisig as payment options.

So, it does not mean that vendors will essentially have them enabled. Some vendors prefer a traditional market escrow system because it is a simpler and more convenient procedure.

Remember that many vendors have Finalize Early (FE) enabled and prefer to use it. But it should be considered only for buyers with an outstanding reputation in their markets and vendor shops.

12 Auspicious Markets to Buy Weed on the Darknet

Here we have composed the best weed marketplaces that deliver a particularly large section of drugs-related products.

Top Marketplaces to Buy Weed on the Darknet
1Tor2DoorBTC, XMR11000YesYes
2World MarketBTC, XMR10000Yes
3AlphaBay MarketXMR14000Yes
4Royal MarketBTC, XMR26600YesYes
5Kingdom marketBTC, XMR, ZEC, LTC4800YesYes
6DarkFox marketBTC7000YesYes
7ASAP MarketBTC, XMR17000
8Abacus MarketBTC, XMR12000YesYes
9ArchetypeBTC, XMR, DOGE, LTC, ZCASH, ETH1300
10BohemiaBTC, XMR1300YesYes
11VersusBTC, XMR12400Yes
12Incongito MarketBTC, XMR2100Yes

1. Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door Market

Currently, The Tor2door Market is better than any other competitor, built-in 2021 from scratch with usability and design in mind. At the same time, this marketplace has almost 80 percent of its listing on drugs, including weed.

Below we have shared the features of this darknet market that helps you to buy weed online.

  • A user will find all kinds of drugs, including Cannabis, weed, Benzos, prescriptions, Opioids, and many more.
  • This market has a hoard of about 11000 listings spread across different categories.
  • It is a P2P market place so anybody can sell to anyone in this Market.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are acceptable modes of payment for Tor2Door.
  • It is not a wallet-less market, but the MultiSig escrow transaction gives users privacy.
  • Tor2door charges a five percent commission on all sales for the vendors.
  • Also features an integral exchange that lets a user convert Bitcoin (BTC) to XMR and vice versa.

2. World Market

World Market

The world market is one of the largest darknet marketplaces, founded in November 2020, and is active. If you want to obtain weed, this market has many security features that let users buy weed from this darknet site without fearing that they might end up on a mistake.

Here we have shared the features a user will get when hovering over this marketplace on the dark web internet.

  • Users will find Cannabis, weed, Opioids, Benzos, Steroids, Psychedelics, and many other drugs.
  • This market accumulates almost 10000 plus listings and an uncertain number of vendors.
  • The acceptable crypto coins of the world market are Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).
  • It has strong anti-DdoS protection; it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Also, offering Bitcoin to XMR exchange entirely defeats the risk of using BTC.
  • A seller will have a full product and order management system.
  • This Market charges a 4 percent of commission fee on every trade.
  • Currencies are robotically converted at the current average of international exchange rates.

3. AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Market

It is a fabulous dark net marketplace closed in 2017 by authorities suspected of being an exit scam. But in 2021, the market was reopened after having his identity verified by PGP forums.

Here is the list of the features a user will find if they buy weed or any drugs on the Darknet or dark web of the AlphaBay market.

  • Drugs like cannabis, weed, benzos, ecstasy, opioids, and many others a user will find when hovering over this site.
  • With more than 14000 weed listings on this market, the listings feature is also spread across different categories.
  • This market only supports Monero XMR cryptocurrency for payments and transactions.
  • AlphaBay features direct payment, which means users don’t have to use the on-site wallet feature and can pay for each order.
  • No escrow payment service is available in this market, but the PGP signed addresses and Finalize Early (FE) security features are available.

4. Royal Market

Royal Market

The Royal Market was launched on 14th February 2022 with a unique interface UI. Later, this market raises because of its sturdy set of required features and simply enduring the struggle.

  • The royal market has striking product stock of more than 26600 products, including drugs, fraud leaks, fake documents, and many others.
  • It supports 2 Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), for payment and transaction.
  • This is a wallet-less market, and a user can use third-party wallets to pay for every order directly.
  • All of the orders are managed via a pre-order payment escrow system.
  • The royal market accepts independent vendors with a $500 vendor bond.

5. Kingdom Market

Kingdom Market

This marketplace was released in May 2021 but now struggles to beat its older contestants. However, this darknet market is a mixed bag that offers drugs, jewelry identification, fraud credit items, and many other kinds of stuff you want to buy from a black market.

So let us view its features that help you to buy weed or Cannabis from the Kingdom Market on the Darknet or dark web.

  • Users will find drugs like weed, cocaine, meth, cannabis, and many others, while weed is given the biggest weight in this market.
  • It has almost 4800 total product listings, and about 220 or 1/3 of them are for drugs, which covers a huge percentage of the total listing.
  • Kingdom Market provides a choice of 4 crypto coins that can be used for payments Bitcoin (BTC), Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), and Litecoin (LTC).
  • This Market offers a range of security features like 2FA, Finalize Early FE, Escrow service, Unique Prompt phrase, user activity log, etc.

6. DarkFox Market

DarkFox Market

This European dark net marketplace, released in February 2020, has had a successful experience. A user will find some incredible features when buying weed from this dark site.

  • A user will get drugs like; Cannabis, weed, Benzos, Barbiturates, Ecstasy, Opioids, etc.
  • This market has almost 7000 listings spread across various categories, including drugs.
  • Also requires 2FA (two-factor authentication) security feature to log in to its forum.
  • The only acceptable Cryptocurrency in the DarkFox market is Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Darkfox market is a wallet-based market that supports escrow transaction service, multi-signature payments, and finalizing early FE payment privileges.

7. ASAP Market

ASAP Market

The ASAP market is well known for the drug market on the dark web. It was launched in 2020, initially known as ASEAN Market, then rapidly rebranded. However, it is growing quickly and is turning from an ambitious newcomer to a genuinely great site.

Here are the features you will get when you buy weed or drugs from the ASAP market on the Darknet or dark web.

  • Drugs like Cannabis, weed, hash, opioids, Benzos, ecstasy, and many other kinds of stuff a user will get at ASAP.
  • This marketplace carries close to 17000 listings, making it one of the biggest markets on the Darknet.
  • Users can choose 2 crypto coins that can be used for payment Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).
  • ASAP keeping a 5 percent commission on all auction fees on each trade.
  • It is not a wallet-less market; therefore, this marketplace needs deposits before any purchase.
  • Also features FRD (fake review detector) and Scam hunter to track fake reviews and hunt for vendors who are scammers.

8. Abacus Market

Abacus Market

It is a new and smaller dark net market that has been around for almost a year. This market was launched under Alphabet and then rebranded to avoid being mistaken with the recently relaunched AlphaBay.

Here are the features a user will get when purchasing drugs in the Abacus market.

  • Drugs like Benzos, cannabis, weed, hashish, Opioids, ecstasy, tobacco, and many other kinds of drug paraphernalia you will get here.
  • Abacus is a household of about 12000 listings, including a massive collection of listing of drugs, almost half the market’s current listings.
  • The accepted cryptocurrencies for payment in this market are Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).
  • It also supports multisig escrow transactions, a traditional account wallet system, and finalizes early (FE) payment service privileges.

9. Archetype


It is a drug-only marketplace, which is much simpler and easier to navigate than most of its competitor sites. However, it was released in May 2020, now home to vendors from all over the world.

Here are the features you will get when you buy weed or drugs from this darknet marketplace.

  • Users will find drugs like weed, cannabis, ecstasy, and many other kinds of drug stuff when hovering over this site.
  • The total number of product listings in this market is 1300, while cannabis is definitely the most prevalent category, with 230+ listings at any certain time.
  • Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Zcash, and Bitcoin Cash (BTC CASH) are the accepted cryptocurrencies in this market.
  • This marketplace does not allow payments via Multi Signature escrow service and finalize early (FE) payment feature.
  • It features encrypted delivery with the vendor’s PGP for payment data.

10. Bohemia


It is quite a new dark web market launched in June 2021 that recently started to pick up the haze. However, the Bohemia site mainly concentrates on drug-related products and suggests other products.

  • Users will get a wide range of drug products, from cannabis, weed, hashish, Opioids, and other kinds of drug-related stuff.
  • Right now, it features 1300 total product listings spread athwart various drug products.
  • Bohemia only supports Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency for payments and transactions.
  • The transaction options are restricted to the typical market escrow service and Finalize Early (FE) selections.

11. Versus Market

Versus Market

Versus Market is a well-known darknet marketplace, also known as The Versus Project. It was founded in December 2019 as a smaller market. But now it steadily grew and added features continuously. However, this marketplace focuses mainly on drugs related items.

Below we have described the features you will get when you buy weed from this Darknet or dark web.

  • This market has a striking product list of over 12400, including a large area of drug-related products.
  • Only a direct payment option is available with the 2 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin BTC and Monero XMR.
  • It lets the users pay for their transactions via a multi-signature escrow service or fast payment method.
  • The FE Finalize early payment feature is only available for trusted vendors.

12. Incognito Market

Incognito Market

It is a drugs-only marketplace that was created in 2021. Currently, this market has not accomplished to appeal as much courtesy as some of its competitors and leftovers comparatively under the detector of the darknet market community. But if you are willing to buy weed from this market, it will not disappoint you.

  • Here you will find a variety of listings of drug-related products, including Benzos, weed, cannabis, psychedelics, stimulants, and many more.
  • With all the striking drug-related products, there are more than 2100 listings.
  • The Incognito market supports Bitcoin BTC and Monero XMR Cryptocurrency for payments and transactions.
  • This market accepts vendors with costs of $300 to $1500 but is free of cost for established vendors.
  • The transaction security options do not offer Multi escrow service, but the finalized early (FE) payment service is available to this server.

Where to Buy Weed on Darknet Vendor Shops?

Where to Buy Weed on Darknet Vendor Shops?

The Darknet web has many players, including buyers, sellers, and admins. It is also flooded with a huge assortment of vendors and shops. Here we have shared the seven best vendor shops on Draknet to buy weed or drugs; let’s look at them.


This vendor shop is in the world of weed and marijuana, which works as a basic darknet market. They are possibly the best traders of cannabis, weed strains, and medical marijuana.

The product in this vendor shop is sorted into 2 different categories the first one is weed, and the second one is hash. The available products within the categories are subject to continuous change, so it is worth checking this vendor shop frequently to keep informed.

However, you must register an account first to buy weed or something on this darknet vendor shop. This vendor shop review is also included for all public sales for everyone to view. They are authentic and provide new buyers with a summary of prior customers.


It is a Dutch vendor shop delivering cannabis, weed, and other drugs related products. It has a large assortment and is worth a look at since it frequently offers low-priced prices for numerous drug-related products.

If you want to check out the products in this shop, there is no requirement to make an account, and you can browse the shops instantaneously. However, a user must register an account if they want to order weed or drugs first on this darknet vendor shop. To place an order, they will need to pay it within an hour.

While if they do not, the order will automatically cancel. Only Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) payment and transaction methods are acceptable in this vendor shop. Plus, in the INFO section of this shop, users will see a guide on placing an order and proceeding with the payment that users will get on the main menu page.

Heineken Express to Buy Weed on Darknet

The Heineken Express is a popular vendor shop offering cheap drug-related products. If you want to check out their offers and charges, you can instantly see all the categories and lists of products, as no login is mandatory to browse this shop.

While if you want to purchase weed or any product from this darknet vendor shop, remember that no purchase will be sent to these stated locations – USA, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Iran, Morroco, Norway, and Australia. Or else there are no shipping restrictions.

There are different expected shipping times, such as in Belgium and Germany; deliveries will take 1 to 4 days. In Austria, Denmark, Monaco, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, the UK, Romania, and Switzerland, this vendor shop will take 3 to 7 days to send all products.

While Heineken Express will tap up to 4 to 10 days to ship the product in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, Malta, Iceland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Portugal. Plus, a user can leave feedback for any purchase they make so that s user can better judge whether a product is worth it.

Psycellium Vendor Shop

Another legendary vendor shop operating for a long time on Darknet is Psycellium. It is a pretty small international shop offering drugs-related products, including weed. It is one of the few vendor spots with almost 100 percent positive reviews.

Suppose a user wants to browse this shop’s product list, so you don’t have to make an account. But registration is required if a user wants to place an order or buy weed or something on this darknet vendor shop.

Moreover, this striking shop on the Darknet is engaging the community’s strict probable operational security measures. The stealth of this shop is known for its efficiency, and policy dictates not to keep personal information for any longer than required.

The Grass Company

The Grass company is the best online vendor shop that sells soft drugs like Hash and Weed. This company has a lot of years of experience in shipping drugs all over the world.

While it offers charges for shipping on all of the products, they sell to Europe except the United States of America and Australia. And the cost for shipping envelopes is six euros for 19 grams of the product will fill in an envelope.

The user must register their account on this vendor shop to place an order. The acceptable payment method is only Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. They will also accept the Monero (XMR) as payment in the future.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is a North American vendor shop selling drugs online since 2019. You will see many drug products in ten categories in this online shop. If you want to buy weed or any other product in this darknet vendor shop, you must register your account to make the transaction happen.

Your product will take almost 2 business days to reach your location. While the shipping and refund policies will differ, that depends on the loaction you decide to buy. So users do not find any refunds if they place the order near North America.

But you can return your unopen product to receive a full refund. The refunds are issued within 2 to 5 business days of inception. However, purchasing and returning items is easy when ordering online and does not guarantee a money-back guarantee.


You will find all kinds of active drugs in this vendor shop right now if someone wants to access the shops to check out the products. They can easily browse them as there is no such requirement to register an account.

But of course, users must register an account and charge their wallet to participate in the ExclusivePharma vendor shop. The plus point of this spot is that it is a wallet-less page, and all the payments are sent directly to the sellers’ wallets. That is why there is no chance of an exit scam.

When a user orders a product, ensure that after sending your crypto coins of their product, save the transaction ID. To confirm payment, a user must give in to the transaction ID to the ExclusivePharma shop.

Suppose a user does not give in to a transaction ID to this vendor shop; they cannot confirm and ship their order. The acceptable payment methods are Bitcoin BTC and Monero XMR.

How To Safely Buy Weed on the Darknet Marketplace and Vendor Shops?

The mentioned above marketplaces and vendor shops of the dark web or Darknet offer people a way to purchase weed easily. However, buying a drug online is a much safer experience protected by distance anonymity and a highly effective review system than buying it off the street.

Safely Buy Weed on the Darknet Marketplace

But it is quite scary to those new to the dark web or Darknet, so we have shared the necessary steps to obtain weed or any drug over the dark net.

Step 1: Download & Install Tor Browser

First of all, you have to download and install Tor to purchase weed because when you access the dark net web, you have to hide your IP address. The TOR is a free browser that allows anonymous communication by concentrating traffic via an overlap in the network system.

Obscurity is obligatory for navigating the dark web and also masks your location from law enforcement. When someone hovers over a site on the surface web, the portion of the Internet is readily available from any Internet browser. And a digital footprint is left where ever you go.

Moreover, Tor lets users visit the Internet without leaving any digital footprint. That is important for those who want to buy illegal products.

NOTE: You can also download a VPN service as an alternative to make your anonymity more powerful.  

Step 2: Select a Marketplace or a Vendor Shop on Darknet to Buy Weed

There are tons of active black markets and vendor shops where you can purchase weed easily.

In the upper section of this post, we have already shared a comprehensive list of active darknet marketplaces and vendor shops to buy drugs. However, we recommend our audience use the Tor2Door market because it is safe and secure.

While it is vital to discover your preferred marketplace because many of them have different criteria, so choose the one that meets your need.

Step 4: Purchase Crypto Coins

If you are new to buying and transacting Cryptocurrency, hover over an exchange server on the surface web. On the surface web, numerous sites are available. Choose one and make an account. After that, add money to your new crypto wallet.

Keep in mind that you have a selection of different cryptocurrencies in the exchange platform. Make sure to select the one that lines up with your selected marketplace.

NOTE: You can skip this step if you have already procured crypto coins.

Step 5: Buy Weed or Drugs on Darknet

Most marketplaces and vendor shops use an escrow system that provides a coating of protection between the buyer and the vendor. And the escrow system directs your Cryptocurrency to the marketplace as an alternative to the seller. Moreover, if you are dissatisfied with your order, you can return your crypto to your wallet.

Afterward, you can navigate a world of strains with detailed descriptions and reviews. Ensure to check the product description and seller reviews before making a purchase.

Most markets are built on feedback keeping everyone honest. Sellers are looking to make a reputation on the Darknet by delivering what they promise. The review system makes this probable.

When you select a product, the seller will get a notification and mail you the product inconspicuously. After you get the product, the seller will have access to the crypto from your escrow account. Suppose something were to go wrong. You can file a complaint with the market and get your money back.

How to Stay Safe when Purchasing Weed on the Darknet

To safely buy weed or drug-related products on the dark web or Darknet can be risky. But taking essential precautions can be a safe and anonymous method to get the best drug quality.

How to Stay Safe when Purchasing Weed on the Darknet

Below we have shared some tips you can use to stay safe when purchasing drugs or any kind of product on the dark net.

Use A Secure VPN Browser to Access Darknet

A VPN service will transform your IP address and avoid malicious exit bumps on the TOR browser. It helps to keep you anonymous and ensures that your activity on the dark net web remains private and secure.

Buy Weed from a Trustworthy Seller

Another thing you have to stay safe if you want to buy weed or any drugs from the Dark web or Darknet is to deal with a reputable seller. Pick a vendor who has a positive review and a virtuous reputation in the marketplace community. To do that, you must visit sites and forums to determine which sellers are truthful.

Use a PGP Key

Whenever you are communicating with a seller on the dark net, you should use a PGP software key to encode your messages. It will make sure that your communication with the seller is private format and can’t be intercepted by any third party.

Check the Skill of the Marketplace or Vendor Shop

A user must not get mixed up with an unscrupulous market that is corrupt at its trade and ready to run away with your money without notice. A market should be designed with sound safety in mind, release the money to the seller on time and be good agents of the safety of escrowed assets. That is why users have to pick a well-established darkweb market or vendor shop to buy weed.

Don’t Reveal Your Personal Information to Buy Weed on Darknet

When accessing the dark web marketplace, ensure not to reveal private data on these sites. As there is an elevated risk of hackers and scammers misusing your private data. With your info, they go online with fake names and email addresses instead.

Pay for your Product in Cryptocurrency

Most dark net vendors only receive payments and transactions in crypto coins. Use a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to buy Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies that you can use to pay for your weed. It will help to save your transaction and payment private and protected.

Use a Safe Delivery Address

Always use a secure delivery address when you purchase drugs from the dark net web. It could be a post office box or a friend of a friend’s address. Don’t use your home address or any other address that can be traced back to you. However, from the legal opinion, it can’t source any problem.

Install a Good Antivirus Scanner

An antivirus scanner will delete any malware threats. Therefore, installing a virtuous antivirus scanner eliminates malware threats if you want to purchase drugs from the dark net market or vendor shop.

Prices to Buy Weed on the Darknet

Weed and cannabis are legal in most of the world. However, the average number of weed charges consumed annually in each city was calculated using an equation considering the total population occurrence of consumption per dollar in grams.

Prices to Buy Weed on the Darknet

Here is the chart that tells you about the predictable price per gram and the legal status of the drug in that state to buy drugs from the darknet market and vendor shops.

Price of Weed on Darknet
CityPrice per gram in US DollarsLegitimacy
New York$10.76Partial
Los Angeles$8.14Legal
Santo Domingo$6.93illegal
Hong Kong$27.48illegal
New Delhi$4.38Partial

How are the Drug-Related Markets & Vendor Shops Regulated on Dark Net

Most of the vendors get checkups from customers to establish their status on the dark net market and darknet market online communities. However, new vendors often offer promotions to inducement in every customer.

Also, they promote their products to the most popular and common clients. For this purpose, AlphaBay and Tor2Door are one of the safest and most active spots to buy weed or drugs from darknet marketplaces and vendors.

But some markets and vendor shops on Darknet are now closed but were also safe. The evolution market is one of them that runs away with all its Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrencies. That which Darknet or Deep Web communal is enimal once more in a state of precarity. And the buyer mislaid that BTC comprised their Evolution market wallet. Plus, merchants are bullying to expose the personal data of purchasers and vendors.

While going to the one hand, the dangers are lower with buying from the Darknet since transactions occur from the bedroom to bedroom. On the other hand, they are also at higher risk because a user does not have a personal relationship with the trader.

As per the past drifts in regulation and the slide of the illegal drug market to the Internet. There are more comprehensive companies about the worth and quality of cannabis, and weed is now accessible. Making investigating which factors of prices easier.

Summing Up

There is a massive collection of marketplaces and vendor shops to buy weed on the Darknet. Our top pick of the marketplace on darket is Tor2Door, and the best pick of vendor shop is SmokersCO as they both are the safest place to buy and also sells all kind of drugs.

If you want to buy drugs, you can pick a marketplace or vendor shop we have mentioned above. However, this guide will also tell you the steps to buying drugs.