Scariest Facts About the Dark Web That Truly Exists

Scary Facts About the Dark Web

Dark web threats are growing vividly worldwide as a dark web economy drives cybercrime to new heights, hacking, ransomware, and setting records for phishing. This cybercrime frequency wave has created hype on overstressed cyber support teams. Beyond that, the dark web has already spread scary vibes even though many vendors and buyers use this scary platform. Let’s dive deep and cut through the dark web with real scary facts.

Quick Dark Web Facts

  • The dark web activity increased by 300% in the last 3 years.
  • 60% of the information available on the dark web could cause harm.
  • Hackers attack all the sites after every 39 seconds on average times a day.
  • In 2020 – Over 22 billion new records were added to the dark web.
  • More than 30% of North Americans regularly access the dark web.

Millions of Daily Active & Global Users of Darknet

Russia9982 (21.80 %)
United States 6324 (13.81 %)
Iran 3324 (7.26 %)
Germany Germany 
Belarus1791 (3.91 %)
Brazil1711 (3.74 %)
India1487 (3.25 %)
China 1391 (3.04 %)
1391 (3.04 %)1391 (3.04 %)
1391 (3.04 %)1019 (2.23 %)

What’s for Sale on the Darknet?

What's for Sale on the Darknet?

The dark web deals with a plethora of material like criminal services, illegal collectibles, animals for physical pain, human trafficking, credit card numbers, counterfeit drugs, guns, and other illegal items. Cybercriminals also enjoy gambling and strange things that are in the port at dark web online poker games. The current study breakdown the silence of popular dark web forums and noted that:

  • 90% of the dark web forums are from buyers looking to contract someone for cybercrime.
  • More than 20% were looking for bad actors who could obtain targeted users.
  • 7% of forum posts were ads for hackers looking for work.
  • About 70% of job postings on dark web forums sought cybercriminals to hack websites.

10+ Horrifying Dark Web Facts

People use particular software to access the dark web and share information to bring people together through buying and selling products. This platform fascinates the world and gives you the advice to come up with desired things and grab them. The following original and scary facts of the dark web are here to know:

Top 10 Horrifying Dark Web Facts
  1. The darknet is a part of the deep internet that is not indexed by the search engine. This platform is specifically used for most illegal and disturbing stuff.
  2. The dark web is a large criminal marketplace that generates at least $500,000/per day.
  3. For the darknet, professionals couldn’t recommend you not to use a standard browser. Always use an onion router for browsing that runs a specialized application network with volunteer computers.
  4. There are 7.5 petabytes (7,500 gigabytes) of information on the Dark Web, according to a 2001 study conducted by the University of California. The number of petabytes doubled in two years.
  5. The illegal site dark web is full of scams, and people keep falling for an elaborate scams to hire hitmen. Besa Mafia – a site that claims to offer hitmen services but requires huge amounts of money.
  6. Used for the most anonymity online that masks the IP address and your identity, making it difficult to know who is behind the site.
  7. The size of the dark web is huge in comparison to the web surface. According to the study, users estimate that the deep web is about 400 to 500 times larger than the surface web.
  8. The Dark Web does not accept the normal currency. The use of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is widely used for making market transactions. A major reason why these are so popular is that they’re virtually untraceable.
  9. The Islamic State has used the Dark Web for years as a recruiting, propagandizing, and fundraising tool. NSA has been using software like XKeyscore to track Tor users, such as XKeyscore.
  10. Even though it has a lot of unsavory, illegal, and downright nasty things, it also has a huge book fan club. The Silk Road is a black market for drugs that was also founded by one of its founders as a book bazaar. However, they mostly read banned books and conspiracy theory books.

Other Scary Facts of Dark Web That Will Make You Cry for Reasons

  1. Scully is one of those disturbed pedophiles involved in those cases. Scully set up a website where users could watch him torture a child for $10,000. At the time of his arrest, Scully faced trial in the Philippines.
  2. Red Rooms exist on the Dark Web, and people feed video feeds of being tortured in rooms. People are said to pay to watch them. Although few cases have been reported, there has been some evidence of them.
  3. A shady character who took bets or attempted to convince athletes to throw games was usually involved in game fixing and illegal gambling in the past. The Dark Web has become the hub of all of this.
  4. Currently, the dark web is a big marketer of illegal drugs due to the silk road’s largest marketplace. The site sells out bulk materials which are strong and growing sales on the marketplace.
  5. A Cruel Onion Wiki adds even more disturbing information. According to the story, the women are crushing animals with their feet while wearing scantily-clad outfits. The site has often been shut down, but it always resurfaces.
  6. The violent steel material, international arms trade, has been smuggled through the darknet. The USA is the most common source country where 60% of arms originate. You can also AK-47 to a rocket launcher if you look hard enough.
  7. The Dark Web is even more dangerous because it contains many links that hide hidden malware that downloads to your computer. It only takes one wrong click to make it happen.


Q1: Is browsing the deep and dark web illegal without being anonymous?

Browsing the deep web or dark web itself is not illegal, as these are simply parts of the internet that are not indexed by search engines. Most people use it for research or to provide true privacy, so they believe – it’s not illegal, but it is important to note that engaging in illegal activities or accessing illegal content on the deep or dark web is against the law.

Q2: What are the interesting things on the dark web?

  1. Whistleblower Platforms – The dark web provides anonymous whistleblowing platforms where individuals can securely share sensitive information without fear of identification or retaliation.
  2. Privacy and Security Tools – Privacy enthusiasts and cybersecurity professionals may find interesting resources, such as encryption tools, anonymity networks, and discussions on online privacy practices.
  3. Cryptocurrency Adoption – The dark web has played a significant role in the early adoption and utilization of cryptocurrencies. Exploring discussions, marketplaces, and innovations related to digital currencies can be intriguing.
  4. Information and Research – Certain websites on the dark web host legal and educational content, such as academic papers, scientific research, and documentation that may not be easily accessible through traditional search engines.
  5. Historical Archives – Some websites on the dark web contain archives of historical content, including books, documents, and media that are otherwise difficult to find or have been suppressed.

Q3: How is the dark web hidden?

The dark web is hidden through a combination of technical measures that provide anonymity and obfuscation. Here are some key aspects of how the dark web remains hidden:

  • Overlay Networks
  • Encryption
  • Non-Indexed Websites
  • Hidden Services
  • Anonymity of Users


In conclusion, the dark web represents a shadowy realm of the internet that is rife with disturbing and illegal activities. The scary facts about the dark web are a stark reminder of the darker side of our interconnected world. From illicit marketplaces peddling drugs, weapons, and stolen data to forums promoting heinous crimes, the dark web harbors a host of dangers.

One of the most unsettling aspects is its anonymity. These websites provide a breeding ground for criminals to operate with relative impunity. The ease of access to malicious tools, hacking services, and illegal goods is deeply concerning, posing significant threats to individuals, organizations, and society.

Moreover, the dark web’s role in facilitating cyberattacks, human trafficking, and other illegal activities cannot be ignored. Its hidden nature makes it challenging for law enforcement agencies to combat these crimes, leading to unease and fear effectively.