Wall Street Darknet Market Review: Features & Its Security

Wall Street Darknet Market Review

You can explore so many black markets on the deep web, but there are only a few to trust and let you shop with the authenticity and peace of mind you seek. Wall Street is one of the very few remaining in the darknet market.

It is one of the largest markets on the dark web and specifically specializes in digital goods. The main purpose is to make a safe network with a faster and more attractive system of trading products and payments. The site has a huge range of interesting features, such as a unique award system, an absolutely transparent user rating system, and a smooth EXIF remover for uploading pictures.

This darknet marketplace allows you to buy pretty much any illegal goods, including counterfeit passports, illegal drugs, and malware. However, the site works on Tor, the encrypted software that lets users interact without revealing their identities or IP addresses.

Let’s learn more about this darknet market, how Wall street is takedown by police, whether it is available now, and so much more.

So let’s begin..!!!

Overview of the Wall Street Market

The downfall of different markets on the dark web raised the status of Wall street. However, it is not a heavily stocked market like some competitors. But it doesn’t matter; the site has a good user base and Security.

You can access this site by using the tor network, which allows you to buy illegal products. It has a total listing of 10,000 plus, according to 2018 data, and Supports multiple currencies such as Monero and Bitcoin.

According to 2019 data, this market has 12.6k registered buyers and 1152 sellers, which is quite good. But now, the marketplace is growing rapidly as many huge marketplaces shut down, and people are moving toward Wall Street to pursue their needs.

Update: Now, Wall Street has around 1.04 million customers & 4800 sellers. This is increasing day by day.

History of Wall Street Market

History of Wall Street Market

Wall Street Market was a prominent darknet marketplace that operated from 2016 to 2019. It emerged as one of the largest and most popular online platforms for buying and selling illegal goods and services. And it earned around 1.2M Euros invested in the new platform after observing the Bitcoin course. The market gained significant attention due to its wide range of offerings, user-friendly interface, and active community.

The origins of the Wall Street Market can be traced back to the closure of the infamous AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces in 2017. With these closures, Wall Street Market seized the opportunity to fill the void and quickly rose to prominence.

It provided a platform for various illicit activities, including selling drugs, counterfeit documents, hacking tools, stolen data, and more. The marketplace gained a reputation for its extensive selection of drugs, catering to a global customer base.

Wall Street Market differentiated itself by offering features like multisig escrow, providing an additional security layer for buyers and sellers. It also had a rating system that allowed users to evaluate vendors based on their reliability and product quality.

According to law enforcement agencies, the website generates around 40M Euros in revenue, and operators receive between 2 and 6% commission. However, the Wall Street Market operation ended abruptly in April 2019. Law enforcement agencies conducted a successful operation, leading to the arrest of the marketplace’s operators and the seizure of its servers. The closure of the Wall Street Market sent shockwaves throughout the darknet community and further highlighted the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between authorities and darknet market operators.

The history of the Wall Street Market serves as a reminder of the constant battle between law enforcement agencies and the illegal activities that take place in the hidden corners of the internet.

How to Access Wall Street Darknet Market

If you are confused that you can’t be able to access the site. Don’t worry; we will guide you in the right direction. First, you must know how to access the dark web safely without leaving any trace.

  • First, install any premium VPN service; we recommend you to use NordVPN, as it is a highly secure, cheap, and fast internet speed provider.
  • After downloading, turn on VPN and sign in to your software with a valid username or password.
  • Next, link your system to any server. After connecting, download the tor browser in your system.
  • Run the tor browser and check security settings; it should be on the “safest” level. You can anonymously visit the Wall Street market if it is on.

If you haven’t visited the dark place, you don’t have to worry, as the site has a very easy interface consisting of a top bar, a categories sidebar, and the center screen. Let’s move to the next section to discuss the site interface.

Products Offered on Wall Street Darknet Market

Products Offered on Wall Street Darknet Market

We already mentioned it; the site is not that big in the quantity of products being offered. With just 3,900 products in its arsenal, you aren’t given so many choices. Here are some of the most general things you can find on the site:

  • Gold and Diamond Jewelry
  • Counterfeits
  • Drugs
  • Software and Malware
  • Fraud
  • Digital Goods
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Security and hosting
  • Cards and so much more

1. Drugs

It is the most common thing on the darknet market; you can get the highest stock of drugs. Wall Street offers 55% of drugs of total listings. The category of drug is subcategorized into different kinds of drugs such as:

seedsMDMAHarm reduction

The above-mentioned drug types contain the highest number of listings under the drug section, but the site has all kinds of drugs.

2. Digital Goods

The site also offers digital goods with a huge range, which also categorized into different categories such as:

  • eBooks
  • Gameplays
  • Software and much more.

These are the dominant categories mentioned by account details, coupons, discounted deals, and vouchers.

Also, you will come across accounts for porn sites, ways to get McDonald’s and free Pizza, email bombers, spam tools, and many other goods.

3. Guides & Tutorials

The third dominating product category in the wall street darknet market is Guides and Tutorials, with around 2593 products. This covers 35% of the platform’s total listings. This section is sub-divided into the following:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Hacking
  • Security and Anonymity and others.

However, fraud engages a high number of product listings, as expected. The section basically has hacked credit cards, bank details, and at times eBooks on how to execute these frauds (it’s a not good practice, and we will not recommend you)

Basically, the drug section doesn’t sell drugs but has eBooks and tutorials that let you know how to combine and make those products.

Further, Security and anonymity mostly have eBooks on how to remain safe on the web, License to VPNs, and other such stuff related to remaining anonymous on the web and improving Security.

4. Counterfeit

Counterfeit products refer to replicas or imitations of branded items that are designed to deceive buyers into believing they are purchasing genuine products. Vendors offered a wide range of counterfeit items on the Wall Street Market and similar darknet platforms. It includes luxury brands, designer clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

It is important to understand that the sale and purchase of counterfeit goods are illegal in most jurisdictions. These activities undermine intellectual property rights, harm legitimate businesses, and can contribute to funding illegal activities. Engaging in such transactions can have serious legal consequences.

Furthermore, purchasing counterfeit products may come with numerous risks, such as poor quality, potential health and safety hazards, and the support of criminal enterprises. It is always advisable to purchase goods from authorized retailers and legitimate sources to ensure the authenticity and quality of the products while respecting legal boundaries.

5. Other Products

We have already mentioned the best-stocked products and services on the Wall Street market. But there are some other things present on the site, such as jewelry, software keys, hosting deals, carded products, and much more.

However, these goods do not have a good listing; that’s why we didn’t mention them in much detail.

Features of Wall Street Darknet Market

Features of Wall Street Darknet Market

1. User Interface of Wall Street Market

The interface of the site is quite easy and traditional. Don’t expect too much; there’s nothing new. It has the same pattern of sections as 90% of other darknet marketplaces. Here’s the overview of how the site looks like:

However, you can see an overall hue of blue on the interface. The header of the platform has the most important pages of the platform, such as:

  • Home
  • Support
  • User control panel
  • Quality control
  • Referral

Apart from that, the site follows the traditional marketplace format of sections; the WallStreet market also placed its products section on the left side.

The center of the screen is covered with listings, and it keeps things quite simple by mentioning only 6 products on the homepage despite cluttering it with 100s of them, which does not serve any purpose.

Further, there are lots of outbound links, particularly to other websites, forums, verifications, etc. They also include a “top sellers” section on their left side, allowing users to easily find the sellers with an established track record on Wall Street. This will help you choose the right one without worrying about scams.

Hence, you just have to tap on the categories from the left side to bring up all the products in the particular category, enhancing the entire screen. From there, you can choose the product you need and order it immediately.

The site also shows the list of raising vendors, which offers new, consistent, and honest sellers a chance to earn and make their name in the “Top vendors” section. Hence, the interface is quite simple; it can meet all your needs instantly. We will rate it full points, as there is no

2. Security of Wall Street Market

One of the most significant of any site is its Security. It’s of the greatest importance for a deep web marketplace to provide the highest level of Security, especially between the sellers and the vendors, to avoid scams.

One of the key measures to know how safe or trustworthy a platform is is to check if it offers transparent seller profile details. And the wall street darknet market profile involves both the vending and buying details, such as:

  • Involves Buying & Vending details
  • Shows last online data- helps you know if the seller is active or not.
  • Open VS Completed orders- the best yardstick to calculate efficiency
  • Disputed data shows the data, which is broken down into “Won/Draw & lost,” assists in calculating how usually certain sellers get into clashes, and the ratio of win/loss gives a great insight into his work ethic.

And along with that, you can also see a detailed review section as well, which displays the ratings, comments, and the person’s name and date as well.

3. Quality Controls of Wall Street Market

Wall Street darknet market is the only market that provides a “quality control” service. They collaborate with DNM Avengers (Darknet Market), a team that inspects and controls product scams on the platform. The entire market team tests the products in physical labs and assures authenticity and quality.

The forum is free and hence serves as a neutral party. You can get details about certain sellers or certain products being or not being trustworthy. You can even get your products tested or file a complaint about sellers on the forum, which they then inspect from their end and give a verdict.

4. Search Functionalities of Wall Street Market

We have mentioned some of the functionalities in the user interface, but here is a detailed look at how you can easily or hardly land on your required products is a factor of platform efficiency as well. So for this purpose, enter any keyword such as “hacking eBooks” in the search field, and here are the results you will get.

  • Results per page
  • Maximum/ Minimum ratings
  • Vendor activity
  • Transaction method and currency
  • Ships from / ships to

Hence, search features are quite impressive and help you n

5. Customer Support of Wall Street Darknet Market

Sometimes, we all need assistance while purchasing anything like payment issues, seller scams, etc.

From different customer reviews, Wall Street provides the best level of customer service without bias.

Paying Security Features for Each Product

Paying Security Features for Each Product

However, most deep web marketplaces only accept Bitcoins, but Wall Street accepts both Bitcoin and Monero.

There are three different payment ways offered by the platform concerning the Security of a user.

  • PGP Login: you can protect your account by using PGP encryption. By doing this, you’ll be asked to decrypt a message using your PGP key, and then you can grant access.
  • Escrow Supported: the marketplace acts as an Escrow preventing fraud and exit scams.
  • 2 of 3 MultiSig: this transaction is more secure, which requires 2 signatures, out of 3 signatures are necessary for the transactions.

Pros & Cons of the Wall Street Market

Pros & Cons of the Wall Street Market
Secure to useA small number of available products, but they are increasing their products, which will be shortlisted in the future.
Slight amount of negative reviewsThe site is slow; after tapping on a link, you have to wait for a few minutes to load the page
Amazing search functionality———–
Transparent seller/buyer details———–

What’s New on Wall Street Market?

Every darknet marketplace provides Security, products, and anonymity, but there’s something unique in Wall Street. The site abolishes the “wallet” system; unlike other marketplaces, you require not to deposit funds on the marketplace before trading.

You can easily order the goods and pay directly to the seller. This saves time (as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies take time). And also keep you away from price fluctuations for Bitcoin or Monero.

If we talk about other ways, if you deposit $100 of funds, they may become $70 or $80, and you have to deposit the funds again. But with the Wall Street feature, you can make payments directly to the vendor without hassle.

Is Wall Street Darknet Market Illegal to Use?

It is a fact that every darknet market is illegal because the products they are selling are usually illegal. But browsing these sites is not illegal and won’t create any mess in your life, as long as you don’t purchase something.

Like purchasing guns, drugs, and child porn on the Clearnet or real-world is illegal in most countries, and that’s the reason purchasing anything from the darknet is illegal.

Wall Street Darknet Marketplace Alleged of Exit Scam in 2019

Marketplace Alleged

Dark web market wall street seems to have the biggest underground site to be hit by an exit scam, taking around $30m of users’ money.

In 2019, one of the largest dark web markets, Wall Street, has been taken down, and its suspected operators were arrested in a joint operation between US and European authorities. Millions of cash, currencies and lots of assets were composed, and the market shut down.

Three men to blame for running the Wall Street darknet market, one of the huge hidden market services that a person can operate by using the Tor network, are all Germans. The investigation against the market has been ongoing since 2017 but was pushed to a disaster by WSM’s operators’ apparent attempt in April to accomplish an exit scam. The alleged owners stood to make almost $11 million if they were able to convert all of the cryptocurrency that was suddenly removed from escrow and other storage locations under their control.

However, the stolen assets belonged to criminals and vendors selling weapons, malware, drugs, and other illicit stuff. So there is nothing to mourn about.

The suspects were charged in the US and arrested in Germany on April 2019. News roamed quickly for days that the site owners were about to pull the plug, with uncertainties raised after an official mediator published a notice stating that “the site suffered a server issue.” This means the website cannot synchronize bitcoin wallets with the blockchain, a person claimed.

As per the justice department, one of the operators behind the marketplace accidentally exposed his connections to the site server due to bugs over a VPN, which should have encrypted his computer’s web traffic. When his VPN connection not succeeds, his IP was exposed & authorities were able to identify his location.

The workers get a 2 to 6% for everything sold on the marketplace. But the transactions on the site slowed. According to US investigators, this was because the market admins carried out an exit scam to vanish all the virtual currency in marketplace escrow and other user accounts.

Before shutting down, the Wall Street darknet market was a huge bazaar for illicit goods such as harmful drugs, physical items, fake documents, and much more. The site has over a million user accounts, thousands of vendors, and thousands of items available for purchase. It has full-grown as other darknet marketplaces have been concerned and taken down, driving people and vendors to a falling pool of smaller platforms.

However, things are started to stabilize since then, but these exit scams are a constant struggle and massively seen of doing business on the deep web.

Wrapping Up

Wall Street darknet market has almost 400,000 customers and 2000+ sellers, which is quite a good number. Users only complain about some login issues, but the issue will resolve quickly, so there is no need to worry. It’s a great product-rich and safe site for trading illegal things.

Moreover, your experience with the Wall Street marketplace will be different, so check out the site with the precautions we mentioned in the blog. We will rate the site 9/10.