An Ultimate Guide to Use Torrez Darknet Market

Torrez Darknet Market

Torrez Market is a rapidly growing darknet market that was launched in early 2020 and expanded in the new year. Currently, it features over 20,000 listings. Similarly, to most darknet markets, Torrez’s largest category of listings is also for Drugs and Chemicals. They also feature a significant range of courses and e-books that are relevant to fraud. It is populated by over 1,000 sellers from over a dozen other markets, giving it a good degree of variety not readily seen in other markets.

Torrez is to be the “first community-driven marketplace on the Tor network,” but we do not confirm whether it is true or not. It does not contain many thoughtful features regulated toward making the market browsing experience easier and simpler for a light-intensive website. They also offer you the ability to view listing prices and account balances in a large number of currencies, and they allow 4 different cryptocurrencies as deposit options.

This darknet market takes its security pretty seriously and makes it easier by helping users encrypt message information on their end. We thank their use of a special 2-FA system for login closer to Google Authenticator and Authy. Therefore, it is more convenient than signing a PGP message whenever you want to log in.

However, the main reason for receiving negative feedback on the market is that orders are never received, which seems to reflect packages being intercepted more than the market employing bad sellers. Whether or not this has been done anything with the market itself or it might be applicable across all markets. Hence, keep in mind that it always uses the utmost discretion while choosing a seller and a shipping address, for that matter.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that the market access a lot of captchas. It is a lot of annoying things, especially because it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between upper and lowercase letters. Hence, do a captcha 4-5 times before moving onward, but you can say that the DDOS attackers aren’t shutting the market down any time soon.

Quick Facts about Torrez Market

Torrez Market link:mgijm6w3wcthlzzt6uvea5uczxbhtl2stfnb55kcwhu27a5hkaelhpad.onion
A number of listings:20,000+
Listing categories:Drugs and Chemicals, Counterfeit, Software & Malware, Tutorials and e-books, services, Carded items, and fraud
Currency accepted:Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), and Monero (XMR).
Multisignature escrow:Yes
Finalize Early (FE) allowed:Yes
Vendor bond:$500

Before Getting Started to Use the Torrez Market

There are a few things and a basic understanding you should consider while using the Torrez marketplace URL or accessing any other darknet marketplace.

Use the Torrez Market
  • How to access a Tor browser.
  • How to purchase and transfer cryptocurrency.
  • How to engage basic OPSEC practices.
  • How to use PGP keys.

First things first, you must install the Tor browser on your computer, which is important to use “.onion” sites such as Torrez Darknet Marketplace. Your internet service provider (ISP) still records information that identifies your connection to the Tor network even though they are unaware of the specific websites you visited. Tor browsing is mostly private and untraceable via your IP. Moreover, to better hide your identity and increase anonymity, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for connecting to the Tor network.

You must have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency: how to send and receive it and how to get it. Remember that the Bitcoin blockchain keeps a record of all movements of BTC, so it is examined unwise to send your coins from an exchange that already has to identify personal information, such as that submitted for KYC/AML purposes, directly to a darknet market like Torrez. Think about making use of a Bitcoin mixing service or tumbler to remove the trace of your identity from your coins thoroughly. In the end, send your coins to a personal wallet before sending them to a market-owned address.

Moreover, basic OPSEC practices include never selecting an account name that can be linked with your real-life identity, always preferring a VPN to connect to Tor, and always encrypting sensitive information using PGP. Additionally, using Monero (XMR) as a payment method of choice will do much more for the privacy of your transaction. Dissimilarly to Bitcoin, Monero uses a confused blockchain. Hence, it means that no party outside of a Monero transaction can seek its source, amount, or destination.

As with Bitcoin, if you choose to utilize Monero, you should avoid sending it straight from an exchange to a market. Sending it to a personal address first will prevent any potential blockchain connection between the exchange and the market, while sending it to the market address second will prevent it.

Creating an Account on ToRReZ

Creating an Account on ToRReZ

To create a new account on the Torrez market is easy and simple. All you want to do is to register an account on the Torrez marketplace with a username, a password, and a pin (the pin must be between 4 and 8 characters long). It is essential to note down your pin and remember it, as it is the only way to withdraw your balance from the site!

create a new account on the Torrez

When you create an account, you will get a mnemonic, a 12-word phrase that is the only way to reset your account password if you forget it. Even though the site administrator cannot recover it, make sure to note it down somewhere and store it safely!

Depositing Coins to Torrez Market

It has a user-friendly interface that is simple and clean. After logging in, you will browse or search for products you want.

Torrez Marketplace has an on-site wallet as well as a pay-for-buying system. For depositing in the Torrez darknet marketplace, you need to press your balance on the top right corner of the screen. Then, you will head over to the wallet page, where you can create a new address and deposit any amount you want.

Depositing Coins to Torrez Market

Paying when you order is the simplest method to make a deposit!

Ordering on Torrez Market

Ordering on Torrez Market

When you find the desired product that you want to purchase, simply hold it and go into the product description.

You can read all the information regarding the product, such as cost, shipping country, reviews, refund policy, and much more. When you decide to buy, press the “Buy” button!

Place an order on Torrez marketplace

Then, you need to write the address on the next screen where you would like the vendor to ship the product. Further, select if you want to get a discount for FE (Finalize Early).

After holding “NEXT,” you will head over to the payment page (if you don’t have funds in your account). You will select the coin you want to pay in.

Select payment method on Torrez

In the end, the last page is the payment page, where you will receive the address and the amount you want to transfer after confirmation. Once the payment has been sent or taken from your balance, your order has been confirmed and sent to the seller.

Order receipt on Torrez market

What Products Are Available on the Torrez Marketplace?

What do you expect from the Torrez darknet market? Most of the things can be purchased on the marketplace, with a few exceptions.

However, it has exactly 4748 listings as of today. You may get an idea as the number has expanded by +150 in the last 24 hours alone. It shows an average of 100-150 new products every day.

Generally, the standard darknet categories such as drugs, fraud, services, carded items, software, and malware, etc. are available.

What Products Are Available on the Torrez Marketplace

But you won’t find any “transfers.” It means that $1000 PayPal transfers for $100.00 and other similar products (for Western Union, Bitcoins, Bank, or anything else) are banned.

Likely, you also couldn’t find prepaid cards listed. Don’t mess up with these cards. Cards and CVVs are sold.

Furthermore, “Prepaid/touchable” cards are prohibited.

Some products, such as fentanyl, poison, weapons, and organs, are not allowed to be sold on the marketplace.

What Are the Payment Cryptocurrencies and Policies?

Here is the list of the following cryptocurrencies for payments:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • ZCash (both T and Z addresses).

Therefore, all the cryptocurrencies will be used either for walletless payments or deposited into the centralized market wallet for each cryptocurrency.

Moreover, each deposit address will be accessed up to 4 times only if you sent insufficient funds for the first time. Thus, sending more than the order amount counts as a donation and will not be refunded.

Is Torrez Market Wallet-Less?

Nevertheless, the Empire Market exit scam has become one of the most important factors users determine in a marketplace. Don’t you think, is it?

If you are new, I will let you know that wallet-less marketplaces do not need advance deposits. You won’t need to keep funds on the market. However, you only pay for each order individually.

Luckily, yes, Torrez Marketplace is primarily wallet-less. That’s the mode in which it was launched.

Regardless, recently they also implemented centralized wallets. Keep in mind that these are completely optional. You have the choice to ignore these completely and still access the market to its fullest extent.

Moreover, if you’re new, centralized wallets are wallets on the marketplace. All you need to do is be funded by these wallets, which can then be used for payments. It is riskier than the wallet-less mode.

What Are The Torrez Market Vending Policies?

Torrez is not a single-admin marketplace. Therefore, anyone can apply to be a seller in the marketplace.

The vendor bond costs $250.00.

On top of all that, there is a 4%-5% commission on each sale. Similar to most other darknet markets, this bond isn’t appropriate for established vendors -those who can prove the same.

Sellers are assigned “ranks” based on the number of sales. These will help buyers filter the more established, legit vendors from the newer, potential scammers.

What Are The Torrez Market Vending Policies

The aforementioned list represents how you can calculate a seller’s no. of sales associated with their ranks. Hence, such details as the number of sales/feedback, etc., are also directly displayed on a vendor’s account for better transparency.

Does Torrez Market Offer Multisig Transactions?

Yes, it does, mostly. Multisig transactions make sure that no one can scam each other. Because there are three signatures needed for a transaction to go through, thus, it is the most secure form of transaction.

The multi-signature protects user funds if the vendor or the market exits a scam.

Moreover, other scenarios contain the market getting seized or shut down due to attacks.

A transaction can be completed as long as two of the three parties (market, vendor, and buyer) are available.

Of course, the traditional escrow is also an option.

Additionally, XMR is only compatible with standard Escrow and is not supported by multisig transactions.

Is Torrez Market Secure?

I would like to make this Torrez marketplace fair, honest, and transparent. So I can’t make a direct comment. Instead, let me discuss the available security features, and allow you to be the judge.

Is Torrez Market Secure

Remember the “security PIN” you created while registering. This is the only layer of protection provided to your funds.

2-Factor authentication can be required via PGP. It is standard, expected, and secured.

However, the market also provides TOTPs (Time-based OTPs).  Did you ever use Google Authenticator? One of the apps that can be combined with Torrez to receive one-time OTPs good for a set period is the one mentioned above.

Furthermore, the mnemonic code is not exactly a “security” feature but can be counted as one. Essentially, it covers up your account in case you lose it and reset your security PIN in case your account gets hacked.

Additionally, the Torrez market has a variety of back-end security features. For example, it eliminates all “timestamps” from the site. Hence, it prevents and minimizes profiling risks.

After a predetermined period of time (not specified), complete order data is also destroyed. Essentially, this is similar to the “no log policy” VPNs provide. Nothing can be used to identify you if there is no data, right?

And then, it offers to delete accounts entirely. This wipeout feature allows you to remove your existence from the marketplace.

Did I mention that it releases a warrant canary every 14 days? Yes, that is also present.

So, it is secure from my perspective. You make that decision.

What Could be Improved on Torrez Market?

Although it is good, it still needs improvement. If there’s something I would like to see improved, it is implementing an anti-phishing code.

Markets on the dark web are vulnerable to phishing scams and dubious URLs. Therefore, the anti-phishing code, often known as the “login phrase,” is crucial, especially for individuals who want to use the Torrez centralized wallets.

Furthermore, another minor issue I want to highlight is its UI on its “deposit” page. Once “deposit” is clicked, you will get no indication that the click has been registered. After a few seconds, the following page is displayed. Beginners are likely to become confused and continually press the deposit button in the mistaken belief that their clicks are not being registered.


Q:1  What should I do if I’ve been scammed on the Torrez Market?

A: If you’ve been scammed on the Torrez Darknet Marketplace, you can do little to get your money back. However, you can report the scam to the site’s moderators to prevent other users from falling victim to the same scam.

Q:2  Is it legal to buy drugs on the Torrez Marketplace?

A: No, buying drugs on the Torrez Marketplace or any other darknet marketplace is not legal. The sale and purchase of illegal substances are against the law, and users can face legal consequences if caught.

Q:3 How can I protect myself while using the Torrez Marketplace?

A: To protect yourself while using the Torrez Darknet Marketplace, you should use a VPN in addition to the Tor browser to further anonymize your online activity. You should also only purchase from trusted vendors with good ratings and reviews and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

Q:4  Can I use the Torrez Darknet to sell my own products or services?

A: While it’s technically possible to use the Torrez Market to sell your products or services, it’s not recommended. The site is primarily used for illegal activities, and attempting to sell legal products or services could put you at risk of being scammed or caught by law enforcement.

Q:5  How do I withdraw my earnings from the Torrez Marketplace?

A: The Torrez Darknet only accepts transactions in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. If you want to withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to transfer them to a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet and convert them to a fiat currency such as USD or EUR.

Q:6  Is it possible to get banned from the Torrez Marketplace?

A: Yes, getting banned from the Torrez Darknet Marketplace for violating the site’s rules or engaging in illegal activities is possible. The site’s moderators monitor user activity and can ban users who break the rules.


Torrez Darknet is an amazing new marketplace with great potential. It supports four types of cryptocurrency, which are easy to access for sellers and buyers. In short, Torrez Marketplace is the biggest darknet market all around!