The Connection Between the Hidden Wiki and Inflation

Connection between Hidden Wiki and Inflation

Doesn’t finding a direct connection between the Hidden Wiki and Inflation seem hard? However, there is some coherence between them and we are here to tell you. Inflation has made life more expensive for everyone around the world. People cannot afford and live up to their expenses with their only job, so they must pick a side hustle to combat the chaotic Inflation.

Moreover, people are considering easier options like being an Uber driver or working in restaurants or supermarkets; however, most people still opt for indulging in illicit activities when choosing their Side Hustle, considering it easy with less hard work and more income. Hidden Wiki indexes all the illegal sites, helping people browse the dark web through dark Wiki.

The Impact of Inflation (and its Types) on Hidden Wiki and People Worldwide

First, we have to understand Inflation in detail. If, in simple terms, it would mean a rise in prices, which means declining purchasing power over time. If people completely rely on their jobs or pension income and inflation increases by 5%, their purchasing power will decline.

But if we go in-depth and understand Inflation and its three main types to understand its impact on the economy.

1.  Shrinkflation

Classic shrinkflation means that you now have to pay more for the same things, which tends to be less in quantity than before. Consider purchasing a 400g jar of Nutella in the UK last year for £12.15. However, now a 350g container of Nutella costs £12.15. You are now receiving less even though the final cost has remained the same.

Shrinkflation is frequently more difficult to detect than standard Inflation. As you don’t recall what used to be in a jar of Nutella used to contain 400g, you might not realize that you’re effectively paying more now.

2.  Skimpflation

Skimpflation is a technique used by businesses to maintain their prices and without losing their customers, they can achieve their target revenue; however, have you ever had a bad experience of having lunch but it’s not the same in the quality anymore, but the prices are same You don’t find the same quality clothes as you once found.

If your answer is yes, then you undeniably have faced Skimpflation. In Skimpflation, they maintain the price but ruin the potential customers’ whole purchasing experience.

3.  Greedflation

Greedflation is a technique companies use to profit from Inflation and raise their prices when they don’t need to. It can also describe businesses that overcharge clients to take advantage of them. Many people might not have noticed a decrease in the cost of gasoline overall, even though crude oil prices have started declining. Due to this, several analysts have accused gas firms of “Greedflation,” as they are raising prices when actual costs have remained the same.

Three Causes of Inflation

Three Causes of Inflation

There are three main categories of Inflation:

  1. Demand-Pull Effect

Demand-pull Effect is a kind of Inflation that happens when there is a rise in demand for products and services but not a profitable rise in supply. Businesses cannot scale production quickly enough to meet the demand in a short period of time. Prices rise as a result.

  • Cost-Push Effect

In some cases, rising demand and rising production costs for businesses lead to price rises. The issue at the moment is cost-push Inflation. For instance, increasing labor or raw material costs may force companies to increase the cost of their products and services. If enough businesses are affected and raise their prices, there may be a general rise in expenses and greater inflation rates.

  • Inflation Expectations

Businesses and employees may anticipate higher inflation results when concerned about Inflation. As a result, employees might demand raises in pay to make up for the rising cost of living. However, their stress may worsen the situation, which is inevitable.

Companies must raise their pricing to pay their employees higher salaries. To maintain their profits, firms will raise their pricing when they believe that raw materials are more expensive. As a result, inflation rates may increase as inflation expectations rise.

Some Methods for Making Money on The Hidden Wiki During Inflation

As mentioned, by indexing all the dark web sites, Hidden Wiki shows you a path to convenient yet illegal side hustles to fight the rising Inflation in the world. Some countries’ economies are worsening daily, and nothing can be done about that other than increasing your earning sources.

However, it is also impossible to find jobs easily, so people could turn to illegal side hustle options to earn extra cash.

Here are some ways people earn money on the dark web by accessing links indexed on Hidden Wiki.

Stolen Information

Some legit sites indexed on Hidden Wiki selling stolen credit cards with all the personal information and pin codes only for some dollars shows, unfortunately, how easy it has become for people to steal and sell data to overcome their financial battles.

Leaking Company’s Data and Information

Employee dissatisfaction is another factor that may lead to the leak of sensitive company information by giving insights and details of personal and business financial records.

Selling Drugs

Marketplaces indexed on the Hidden Wiki have vendors selling illicit drugs. These drugs can be harmful and dangerous for the purpose of use. Those drugs are so addictive that even if it is used by a common person or a noob they would get addicted to them for life.

Selling Weapons and Guns

Many marketplaces on the dark web are selling weapons and guns. That, too, which are illegal and is without a license. Sadly, anyone can use these weapons that too anywhere. It doesn’t matter if they are using them for illegal purposes.

Social Media Account Hackers

There are cyber criminals on these dark sites who are ready to hack social media accounts of your choice, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These cybercriminals have made it easy by keeping these services at a cheap process, making it affordable for people committing cybercrimes.

Hiring Contract killers

You may be are not shocked to see this on the list as you might have heard some of the notorious cases in which you can hire assassins on these sites to give them hitjobs and killing contracts. No matter how common crime acts it is. However, it is a creepy fact to start with.

Pornographic Sites

Another horrendous thing people are indulging in is pornography. People worldwide are running pornographic sites; however, they mostly post videos of child abuse, torture, and brutal killings as they get more views from people running pages as child molesters.

Getting a Fake Nationality

There are marketplaces with criminals who are selling fake passports by any name of your choice. They can provide you with the nationality of any country you want, at a low price compared to if you actually apply for a nationality.

Fake Driving License

It does not matter if you are experienced enough to drive. There are some sites on the dark web that will create entirely fake legal driving licenses for you. They do all this illegal stuff that too at a very low price, making it easy for criminals to have access to these horrendous acts easily.


Last but not the least Is Cannibalism; yes, you heard it right. This list shows that a person can go through these terrific and horrific acts, which means he can do anything to fight the rising prices of almost everything today.

They record videos of eating the meat, and millions of people eagerly watch these videos or live streaming of such acts.

Finding a Way to Combat Inflation Through Hidden Wiki

So, the number of Dark web users today is more than 2.5 million. Moreover, countries like the UK and the US have half of their population on the dark web, getting into illegal and unacceptable activities to show how Inflation has taken over and been affecting the lives of people from the working class.

Hidden Wiki, however, has become a great source for people combating Inflation by browsing and accessing illegal sites. People practice this common way all around the world.

Moreover, these sites don’t only have illegal but mostly have all they have is horrendous crimes and illegal activities going on there.

Connection Between Inflation and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is the digital currency introduced in 2009, and now it has become a large, important, and only source of paying money for the activities of dark websites. It is the dark side of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency.

It is said that currently, there are 6.5 billion Bitcoins, which are approximately equal to $71 US dollars, that are being used in all the illegal markets.

When Inflation rises, all the banks, including the US Federal Reserve, they are tending to raise their interest; however, they tighten the monetary policies to slow the rising prices. In this case, the cryptocurrency prices fall a lot.

Like any other currency, crypto is also affected by Inflation and the changing monetary policies. Cryptocurrency gets inflationary when the supply increases over time. Now the supply for any specific token increases, then the value of that very token would be decreased. Now, this results in you spending more tokens to buy a single thing.

Inflation has never really affected Bitcoin over the past few years. However, recently, within these few months, whenever the market falls, the Bitcoin costs also tend to fall. Therefore, bitcoin is now being compared to gold, which has always been considered an inflation hedge.

However, it doesn’t matter what kind of inflation hedge it is; they are never successful in all inflationary environments.

Inflation Causing Inequality Among People

Inflation has caused inequality amongst people of different classes. The rich are exploiting the poor by giving them low wages. Richer is becoming and poor is becoming poorer. This difference is called “Inflation Inequality” because it is caused by Inflation and the rise in prices of all the goods and products people purchase.

According to research conducted in 2018, inflation inequality rose due to income distribution. From 2004 to 2018, we can see a rise in poverty. The research states that 3.2 million people are classified as living in poverty. We can see a clear difference because of the class and economic inequality that Inflation has caused today.

Economic Inequality and its Connection to the Current Inflation

Economic Inequality and its Connection to Inflation

Economic inequality means unequal wealth, income, and opportunities among different society groups.

The differences caused by economic inequality are discrimination of classes, inheritance, access to the financial market, and the bargaining power in social units. It is now a concern in most countries as they all are impoverished and trying to climb the social ladder.

But being born into poverty does not automatically mean you stay poor. To help people out of poverty and reduce inequality. There is education at all levels, enhancing skills, and training policies can be used alongside social assistance programs.

However, being born into a low-income family does not mean you will stay poor. The education you get at all levels enhances your skills and can help people get out of poverty and reduce inequality. 

Types of Economic Inequality

According to economists, there are three types of Economic Inequality that we have explained below:

  1. Income Inequality

Distribution of income throughout a population so referred to as income inequality. The degree of income inequality keeps increasing with the distribution inequality.

  • Wealth Inequality

A person or household’s complete amount of assets is referred to as their wealth. Any financial resources like bonds and equities, as well as real estate and private pension rights, tend to be included. The unequal distribution of assets among a group of people is therefore referred to as wealth inequality.

  • Pay Inequality

The pay of every individual is different compared to their income. Pay relates to money received from employment; this can be paid weekly, monthly, on an hourly, or annual basis. It may also include bonuses. Therefore, pay inequality refers to the disparity in pay between individuals, which may occur inside a single company.

Benefiting from Inflation

For people with large debt obligations, Inflation would be advantageous because it would make loans less valuable than the money they were borrowing; it promotes borrowing and lending, which boosts expenditure across the board.

Inflation also affects the people earning a steady income or belonging to a wealthy background. When there was Inflation, consumers would spend the same amount of money on fewer things as the value of money decreased.      

Inflation Affecting the Middle/ Working Class and Hidden Wiki to Their Rescue

Inflation does affect people with lower incomes than those with higher incomes. It has become hard for the middle class to maintain their lifestyle with the current cost of living going up as Inflation rises. Because of the rising Inflation and their never-rising fixed salaries or pensions, they eventually go into debt.

The working class or the middle-class people play a crucial part in maintaining and keeping the economic growth intact; however, they are the ones who suffer the most during the Inflation. They not only suffer financially during Inflation, but they also continue to suffer mentally, with stress and anxiety caused by the rising cost of living.

Now, these people with low income and increasing expenses tend to opt for options like getting themselves into illegal and illicit activities on the dark net. Hidden Wiki comes to their rescue by allowing them to be a part of horrendous websites with all the criminal acts going on there.

The ways mentioned above to earn some extra cash on Hidden Wiki are some of the side hustles being chosen by the middle/working class to combat the current rising Inflation.

Explaining The Idea of Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is a way of advertisement in which the company operates in silent mode; in simple words, they try to avoid public attention and announce their products. Companies usually have an agenda to keep their company products private until they are ready to reveal their products and services.

Now the company opts for a state of secrecy. When it decides to be less visible and public about its products. Unlike other advertising modes in which they go in public and grab as much limelight as they can. They are different as by not seeking attention from the public, they also get the funds and acquire investors discreetly.  

The Benefits of Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing: this advertising can be very beneficial for the company if done correctly; consumers won’t even be able to realize that an advertisement or marketing of a product is targeting them. This state of secrecy in this type of marketing can take customers by surprise. This kind of marketing leaves a lasting impression on their customers.

Stealth marketing is more decent than the conventional advertising method. It can help the company to build trust among customers. Customers usually trust brands that don’t seem like they are trying to sell something to them and are not convincing or forcing them to buy their products.

So, this type of advertising can help the company to increase its brand loyalty and excitement about a new product or service.

This way of marketing can be a cost-effective way to advertise as it relies on creative, and not traditional, methods. It also helps you to stay within the budget and even save because it is less costly than the conventional advertising method.

Brands can save a lot of money just by creating videos. And then various social media platforms will share those videos. It will lead the brand to gain popularity without even paying for expensive advertising ways.


Q. Is it illegal to go on the Hidden Wiki?

Hidden Wiki is not an illegal site to visit. However, it is not the legally correct thing to do. If you buy something from links related to the Dark web you can get yourself in trouble.

Q. Is there a similarity between Wikipedia and Hidden Wiki?

No, Hidden Wiki and Wikipedia are not the same sites. However, Hidden Wiki is said to be an unofficial Wikipedia. But for the dark web and has links for all the dark web and onion sites.

Q. Why do companies go stealth?

Companies go into stealth mode to protect their products and can keep some space for development and changes. And this is the reason they opt for this state of secrecy.

Q. What is the punishment for using the dark web?

Using the dark web is not illegal, and therefore, there cannot be any punishment for using it. However, the illicit activities you do there can get you a life-or-death sentence.

Q. How is economic inequality a social problem?

Excessive economic inequality, including wealth, income, and inequality in pay distribution, can lead to political turmoil and lower economic growth.

Q. Is Hidden Wiki a dark web search engine?

No, Hidden Wiki is not a search engine for the dark web. However, it is a site on the dark web that indexes all the onion sites.

Q. Does Inflation affect the poor more than the rich?

Unfortunately, yes, higher Inflation does affect poorer. People have lower incomes and a middle-class household than those who are rich and belong to wealthy families.

Q. How does inflation affect workers negatively?

Employee wage is impacted by inflation because, over time, a salary loses some of its purchasing value. To remain competitive and entice top talent, employers must take the effects of inflation into account when determining pay and most provide benefits packages.


In a world where the economy has been going down, people are turning to side job options on sites like Hidden Wiki. These sites can be a reason and way for people trying hard to find a way to combat inflation. Due to the rising prices of goods and services, every class and every country has been highly affected.

Inflation has become a concerning matter for everyone. As mentioned above in this article, 3.2 million people live in poverty. They are opting for illegal and illicit ways to cope and battle with the rising prices. All the sites are illegal if used to harm oneself, but people choose these jobs indexed on Hidden Wiki to earn cash and fight Inflation.