Why Are People Still Using The Hidden Wiki In 2024?

Have you ever wondered what hidden Wiki is and why people use hidden Wiki? The Hidden Wiki is the oldest directory of the dark web. It helps you to navigate the dark web easily. You can’t access hidden Wiki through simple browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. To access hidden Wiki, you need a special browser like Tor or Onion browser.

This article covers all the aspects of this site and why it has become more popular day by day. Let’s read all the aspects and find out the reasons behind Hidden Wiki’s popularity.

Why Is The Hidden Wiki So Popular?

The main reason why the hidden Wiki is so popular on the dark web is that it makes it easy to connect with other platforms. Here are the basic things that will help you understand why people are using the hidden Wiki.

It Makes Navigating The Dark Web Easy

  • The dark web is quite difficult to understand for many people, especially beginners. This happened because of the new things you will explore. For example, URLs on the dark web are called onion links.
  • These links are different from the regular web links you use on the basic Internet. You may also not be aware of how to put onion addresses or find them. That is where people use Hidden Wiki to change the game.
  • Most of the users of the dark web can use the site to find the onion links.
  • For instance, you can use the keyword ”cryptocurrency.” to find onion links for crypto wallets, trading charts, blogs, and many other sites. So, the hidden Wiki makes navigating the dark web easy, attracting more visitors on a daily basis.
  • It reduces the need to use search engines on the dark Internet to find websites. The hidden wiki search engine allows users to get results faster. This is the other thing that makes Hidden Wiki more popular.
  • This site also provides information on dark web safety, secure crypto transactions, and other topics. These things also increase the user experience and encourage people to visit the dark web in the future.

The Hidden Wiki Does Not Censor Information

  • Websites on the standard Internet and the dark web censor information. Like other websites on the dark web, Hidden Wiki does not censor any information.
  • People are able to update their links on the directory’s page and share information on broken URLs. The site does not remove any details because of the content’s sensitivity. It aims to make people aware of websites available on the dark web.
  • Finding the stuff on the dark web, most of the users prefer the hidden Wiki because of its lack of censorship. They also don’t have to do vast research to find different platforms.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes content from the hidden Wiki may be removed because it includes scam websites and outdated links.
  • The high editing flexibility also saves them from creating their dark web directory and encourages them to use their funds for better things. This is why the hidden Wiki is highly popular on the dark web.

The Hidden Wiki Offers High Anonymity

  • Users of the dark web enjoy high privacy and remain anonymous. The Hidden Wiki offers the same benefits as the dark web. However, it takes things to an advanced level by enhancing the security of those who provide information on the site.
  • The site does not save the records of who has visited the hidden Wiki in the past. People are also not required to make an account on the site or reveal their identity when performing edits. So you don’t have to worry about your information.
  • People like this site because it also has informational content. Using your anonymous account, you can post something to boost the knowledge of other people. Visitors can also find information on dark links or correct your points.
  • The Hidden Wiki is a main site on the dark web that allows people to edit information without restrictions. This means you can use this part of the Internet without worrying about getting into difficulty.

It Is Updated Frequently

  • The dark Internet has a wide range of websites, some of which are not updated daily. Coming across an outdated site can moderate user experience and make it hard to find things. That is where Hidden Wiki gives up-to-date results to its users.
  • The hidden wiki directory is updated regularly to offer users the latest onion links. So, most of the websites you will visit on the hidden Wiki will be working smoothly. The best part of a website is to tell you about scam links. The platform will also tell you whether links are scams or not.
  • Some updates on the platform can also guide you about links that have been taken down. This is why the hidden Wiki is the best site to find pages on the dark web.
  • Regular updates also enhance the site’s security because encryption systems are updated. These changes also minimize the interference of government on the dark web. Some updates may also include security changes to keep the platform and its users safe from hackers.

The Hidden Wiki Uses Decentralized Hosting

  • Many people are scared of using the dark web because they believe websites may be keeping records of the visitors. Some people also worry that the government can track their visits to different dark websites. This may be real for some sites with low security, but you don’t have to stress out when using this platform.
  • The hidden wiki directory mainly uses a decentralized hosting platform such as Zeronet to keep the site running. The main point of a decentralized system is that it does not keep information on site visitors.
  • The system directory also makes things difficult for hackers and Cybercriminals.it is the main reason for the platform’s high popularity on the dark web.

The Directory Is Organized

  • Some of the directories on the dark web put onion links without mentioning their categories or main purpose. This means you don’t have proper information about what site a link is for unless you visit it.
  • The Hidden Wiki stands out on the dark web because of its easy interface and organized system. On this platform, links are separated using different categories. For example, you may check the “stock market” section to see onion links that redirect to the stock exchange websites.
  • Visitors don’t have to use the trial-and-error method for checking sites on this directory. With an organized system, the user saves time. You can search specific keywords to show relevant results. However, the filter options may also help you to see sites accurate to your search.

It Is Legal

  • The Tor was invented by the US government, making the platform legal. Most websites that can be accessed using the Tor browser are also legal. However, some directories are operated by anonymous admins and may post onion links to the illegal dark web.
  • Visiting such illegal websites can put you on law enforcement’s radar even if you don’t click on onion links on the page. You can avoid this risk by using the hidden platform. This hidden Wiki is legal, so you will never face any difficulty while using the platform.
  • There are no trackers, and cache information is recorded, which means You can enjoy high privacy with a hidden wiki. However, this site can also redirect you to suspicious platforms. All links on the directory are not safe to visit.
  • You can upgrade your security by using an antivirus program in the background before visiting any link. Moreover, you can use VPN to hide your IP address for added full security.
  • The legality of hidden Wiki makes it more popular than other platforms. The page’s admin updated the system to help you to stay away from unsafe links.

It Tracks Sites

  • Tracking sites is quite easy with this directory because it keeps historical information on old pages. This feature is used to see when the website went down due to technical causes or was removed by the government.
  • It will help you learn when a site comes back to the dark web. The main cause of such tracking is to help visitors understand other sites.

No Cookies Are Used On The Page

  • When you open a website on the standard Internet, a popup appears to take permission to accept cookies. Its main reason is to collect and store your visit information.
  • The hidden wiki directory does not collect cookies. The platform does not ask you to accept or reject cookies because it does not save visitor information. 
  • Most people like the hidden wiki directory because it does not store personalized user experience. It means when you visit again, this site will show a new interface.
  • People who use your device will never know what you searched on the directory. They will also not be able to determine the links you visited through the hidden wiki site.
  • Keep in mind that the Tor browser will still record your history. When you close the app, it deletes your information.

You Can View The Hidden Wiki Page On Standard Internet

  • As a beginner user of dark web, you may not understand onion links or deep web articles. Downloading the Tor browser and opening the directory on your device may also scare you due to several doubts in your mind. The Hidden Wiki is legal and accessible on the regular Internet.
  • You can open the website and see how it is customized to help dark internet users. To use Wiki, you have to download the Tor browser. 
  • The links you click on the standard wiki page will not open unless you are on the dark web. Visiting onion links on the regular Internet will show you an error. You don’t worry if your VPN is not on when seeing the wiki page outside of the dark web.
  • Seeing the site before can make you aware of what content you will see on the dark website. Being familiar with the site will also make it easy to search for new pages on the dark net.
  • Other directories in the dark web cannot be seen without a Tor browser, so users cannot know how the page will appear. That is why Hidden Wiki is a game changer of Internet 203.

Hidden Wiki Popularity In The Future

  • After the COVID pandemic, people converted their physical businesses online. It was a major reason behind the hidden wiki popularity. On hidden Wiki, people easily find illegal things and services without any risk of disclosing their identity.
  • You will find a lot of marketplaces on Hidden Wiki those marketplaces including drugs, cryptocurrencies, weapons, stolen passwords, and identities.
  • The Hidden Wiki will continue to remain a top site on the dark web for the coming years due to its features. New users are joining the Internet every year. This platform makes their transition to the dark web easier through several onion links.
  • Other dark web directories are not well organized or have reliable hosts. You can trust this site and post their informational articles on the hidden Wiki. For all of these reasons, the hidden wiki platform remains in demand.

Hidden Wiki Gives Access to Banned Material

 Governments around the world ban many websites. Some websites give sensitive information and materials that are not allowed to be accessed by anyone. Hidden Wiki can be used to get access to information that is banned by government authorities. Please be aware of your country’s law before accessing such sites.

Most common illegal things & services you found on the hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki website covers various topics, such as hacking and computer security guidelines for drugs and other illegal activities; here are the most common categories mentioned:

Money Laundering

One of the website categories is money laundry. Here, various websites offer money laundry services. These services can be used for your black money to white. However, remember that money laundering is illegal and a crime. Taking these services from Wiki can get you trouble.

Contract Killing

The contract killing category is very common in Hidden Wiki. Where you can easily find and book a contract killer.

Branded Goods

Normally, people use the hidden Wiki to sell and purchase luxury items at a cheap price. Some websites offer the copy of expensive brands like Rolex, Gucci, Parada, and Louis Vuitton. Before selling and purchasing those fake things, remember that it’s illegal in some countries and can lead to plenty of imprisonment and fines.

Fake Documents

This category is huge and popular in Hidden Wiki. Most websites offer fake identity cards, passports, driving licenses, and even fake degrees. However, it is important to remember that purchasing and selling fake documents is illegal. You might get into trouble if someone caught fake documents.


one of the most searched categories on Hidden Wiki is cryptocurrency. Many websites offer buy and sell of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized and P2P, which means that they are not under the government or any other financial institution’s control. That’s why cryptocurrencies are illegal in some countries and can lead to fines and imprisonment.


This category includes websites that sell a huge variety of illegal drugs, including cannabis (Marijuana), Cocaine, MDMA/Ecstasy, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, and Methamphetamine. Purchasing these illegal drugs from those websites is highly risky and could result in some illegal consequences.


One of the most common illegal website categories is weapons. The weapons category includes websites that sell a major variety of illegal weapons like guns, knives, blades, and other dangerous weapons. Visiting these sites could result in serious legal consequences.


Many people know about hidden Wiki because of pornography. This category includes websites that clearly show adult content, some of which may be illegal by certain authorities. It is important to remember that accessing illegal pornography can result in serious legal issues.


The hacking category includes websites that provide information, tools, software, and other resources for hacking into computer systems and networks. Opening these sites could result in serious legal consequences.

How to Access Hidden Wiki

Anyone can access the hidden Wiki on a computer, android mobile, or iOS by following these simple steps, which are mentioned below:


  • Download Tor Browser
  • Install the browser on your computer.
  • open the Tor browser
  • on the Tor homepage, click Connect
  • Wait for a connection to be established.
  • Surf the Hidden Wiki.

On Android Phones

  • Download the Tor Browser from the Play Store.
  • Open Tor Browser on your phone.
  • Click Connect.
  • When your connection is established, you should see an onion icon in your status bar.
  • Start exploring the hidden Wiki.

On iOS

  • Download the Onion browser from the app store
  • Open the Onion browser on your phone.
  • Click Connect to Tor.
  • When you connect to Tor, click Next and select your security level.
  • On-screen, these three options are shown. Select the one.
  • Insecure
  • Secure
  • Moderate
  • Tap start browsing and use the hidden Wiki on your iOS.

Top Websites on Hidden Wiki

  • Dark Market 
  • Black Death Group 
  • Flogs Dark 
  • Lucifer Market
  • Area 51
  • Alphabay 
  • Outlaw Market
  • The Pirate Market
  • Valhalla
  • Red Square Market
  • Perfect Haven
  • Hacked Forum 2.0
  • Goblin Market
  • Monero Gold
  • Dark Scandals
  • DeepDotWeb
  • The Hub forum 2.0
  • Wall Street Market
  • Cartoon Dark web
  • Hybrid Forums
  • Utopia
  • Diabolus Market
  • Cannabis Road 2.0
  • Alpha Bay


This article provides all the information you need to know about why people are using the hidden Wiki and why it is popular in 2023. The directory has thousands of onion links for the dark net. It reduces the need to use a search engine on the dark web to find sites. It offers a list of sites in different categories. Using the hidden Wiki, you save your time and improve your security on the dark web.


What is the dark web, and who created the dark web?

The dark web is a hidden part of the Internet and is different from the standard Internet. It offers more browsing freedom without any restrictions. The US government created the dark web for communication purposes, providing sensitive information without getting risk of tracking.

Can I use the dark web on Android mobile or iPhone?

Yes, you can access the dark web on both smartphones. To access the dark web on Android, you need to install the Tor browser. To access the dark net on an iPhone, you need to install the Onion browser.

Is it true dark web is 90% of the Internet?

The dark web is about 5% of the Internet and 5% standard Internet; the rest of the 90% Internet is on the deep web.

Is hidden Wiki safe or illegal to visit?

Hidden Wiki itself is legal, but some websites on Hidden Wiki are illegal. It is safe to use, but firstly, make sure you follow proper security checks before accessing Wiki.

Which precautions do I follow while browsing the Hidden Wiki?

For safe browsing on the hidden Wiki, follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t click unfamiliar links.
  • Confirm the URL is correct.
  • Create strong passwords.
  • Use VPN.
  • Use alternative emails.
  • Don’t enter personal information.
  • Avoid proxy services.
  • Cover your webcam and microphone.
  • Don’t download anything.
  • Avoid buying anything.
  • Use antivirus software.