Using Monero on The Hidden Wiki is on the Rise Statistics Show

Monero on hidden wiki

The anonymous nature of the deep web, dark web, and cryptocurrencies let the financial services dodge the guidelines executed by the establishments and the investigation of law enforcement agencies. That is why the usage of cryptocurrencies rises on the hidden wiki. However, the second most favorite cryptocurrency on Hidden Wiki is Monero (XMR).

Monero cryptocurrency is an anonymized payment transaction system based on blockchain technology that lets the Dark web and deep web market record and secure every transaction. In this post, we have described the details about XMR and why it is the second most favorite cryptocurrency on Hidden Wiki. And for which purpose do people use XMR on the hidden wiki? And also shows statistics about the usage of XMR on the hidden wiki. So let us get the details.

What is Monero?

A group of cryptocurrency activists launched a BitMonero project in April 2014. Then, they renamed this cryptocurrency as Monero (XMR). This currency is one of the rare privacy coins with a wide data complication and locked blockchain working on the CryptoNote secrecy decorum.

Unlike other privacy coins, Monero implants privacy into the protocol rather than making it an operational feature. It relies on the second layer to be developed and added later.

Its privacy protections also set it aside from competitors, not because they are not optional. But because of the means, they hide the sender, the receiver, and even the total being sent. However, Zcash uses zero-knowledge proofs, among other features, to add privacy functionality.

Furthermore, the underlying technology of Monero is so effective that the Internal Revenue Service called upon experts to help crack Monero’s Privacy feature. For issuing a $625000 reward to anyone who could successfully do it in 2020.

Its technology makes Monero one of the most private cryptocurrencies, alluring to supporters of privacy while fascinating analysis from regulators over concerns about privacy.

The Second Most Favorite Cryptocurrency on Hidden Wiki

Monero let the shady actors remain subtle and more straightforward than public and traceable coins like Bitcoin (BTC). For many years, Monero has been a preferred payment way of the dark net and deep web marketplaces of the hidden wiki for illegal determinations.

As per the crypto crime rumors of 2023, illicit transactions reach $20.6 billion in 2022. 43 percent of all illegal transactions came from activity connected with objects sanctioned after Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022. Meanwhile, ransomware and dark web markets saw decreasing worth received. A few years ago, both were strongly connected to High Monero (XMR) usage.

Most of the criminal groups arranged the Monero (XMR) payment process for ransomware attacks in 2021. At least 22 ransomware groups are stated to receive only XMR and seven more are allocated with Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).

Ensuring the overall center in Cryptocurrency markets, illicit profits fell on deep web marketplaces on the hidden wiki. The number deterioration from $3.1 billion to $1.5 billion in 2022. Main Dark web marketplaces like Hydra were closed, and new ones arose, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) enduring the favored currencies for exchange in the deep web and dark web.

Two out of three main dark web and deep web marketplaces that profited the most after the Hydra collapse still favor Bitcoin over Monero. Only the main receive payment in Bitcoin Monero and Tether. Bitcoin and Monero payments are more often accepted on the minor dark web and deep web marketplaces, however, as their profit volumes stay comparatively low.

What is Unique About Monero (XMR)?

Monero does not make an effort to fulfill knowing your customer’s anti-money laundering procedures and stands for privacy above everything. It has not been directed to it being widened from a number of interactions, including Bitmex and Kraken.

However, the project casually overlooked customers due to industry measures also revenue; it has found itself in the crosshairs of many financial controllers all over the world. Otherwise, if you are suspicious of the government or central specialist, Monero’s defiant code may appeal to you.

These two standards that Monero achieves are.

  1. Unlink Ability: With that, the failure to start a connection between people involved in a transaction.
  2. Untrace Sbility: With this, it is dreadful to know where a transaction is made using the instinctive cryptocurrency MONERO (XMR).

Here, we have shared the main privacy features of Monero.

  • Ring CTs: Ring Confidential transactions
  • Dandelion ++
  • Stealth Address
  • Bulletproofs

RING CTs: Ring Confidential Transactions

A Ring confidential transaction is made up of 2 parts;

  1. (MLSAG): Multilayer linkable spontaneous group ring signature, which obscures the number of origins and destinations of transactions.
  2. Confidential transactions use a cryptographic technique called the Pederson commitment to obscure transaction amounts.

The Pedersen obligation lets cryptography be executed on a transaction that can be confirmed only when the sender and receiver see the total being exchanged. However, ring CTs let trap coins be added to transactions, meaning the true amounts are not noticeable, excluding the parties involved.

Yet, with several inputs, the transactions balance out such that it makes sure no new Monero tokens are issued in the process. Last year, Monero accepted CLSAGs, which are more competent from their ring signature. And they were 10 to 15 percent more efficient and smaller.

Dandelion ++

In 2020, Monero implemented Dandelion ++, which is used to fleece IP addresses connected with nodes (computers that help to authenticate the Monero blockchain). It cuts down the risk of such data being used to deanonymize the Monero transactions on the hidden wiki.

The IP address could be used by the internet service provider or virtual network providers to recognize you. That is not ideal when you are running a node in order to help continue a privacy-focused network.

At the same time, Dandelion ++ was originally intended for Bitcoin (BTC) but was applied for Monero. It significantly finds a proxy node to broadcast from and then spreads fluff data proportionally that look to track transactions but are impotent to do so.

Stealth Address

The stealth address feature creates an extra layer of privacy for Monero users. It creates burner addresses or one-time public keys for every transaction, with a sender generating a new address to send an XMR token with extra data attached.

However, those bits of data are then used by the owner of the address to make the private keys used to access the funds in the address. Only the parties involved know the stealth address and agree to the actual Monero address. That is why each sender transaction on the blockchain generates new stealth addresses that do not link back to the actual address.

For Instance

Suppose you are calling someone frequently via a different phone number every time. That would make it impossible for anyone to recognize who was calling and whether it was the same person or not.


Monero (XMR) applied bulletproofs in 2018, a protocol that made confidential transactions quicker and more ascendable. The bulletproof feature cut the data size of confidential transactions, which were quite large given the trap coins involved about 80 percent.

So, bulletproofs are not about new privacy functions. They are basically the key to accelerating Monero transactions while dropping the charges linked with them.

Use of Monero on Hidden Wiki

XMR is the cryptocurrency choice of hidden wiki users. The privacy features of XMR have made it a preferred cryptocurrency on the hidden wiki. However, its usage also raises noteworthy concerns and poses challenges in many aspects.


The main concern with Monero’s anonymity is the potential for mismanagement and illicit activities. Its privacy feature attracts people to participate in criminal behavior and also delays law enforcement agencies from trailing and fighting these activities efficiently.  

Money Laundering

Another concern of the Monero privacy feature is money laundering, which presents a significant task. This skill to vague transaction roots and destinations allows offenders to launder money concealed. It not only allows illegal funds to flow easily but also dents the honesty of financial systems and subsidizes the research of criminal initiatives.

Drug Trading

Monero’s connection to the drug trade shows the darker features of its usage. The anonymity provided by Monero makes it a striking option for individuals involved in buying and selling drugs on the dark web and deep web via hidden wiki. However, it creates a substantial challenge for law enforcement agencies looking to interrupt and dismantle drug networks as the transactions led using Monero are almost impossible to hint at.


The privacy features of Monero also raise cybercrime and ransomware attacks. Malicious actors influence cryptocurrency traceability to claim ransom payments from individual organizations and even government entities. That led to a flow in cyberattacks as criminals realized the potential financial gain and reduced risk linked with using Monero for ransom costs.


The use of money also affects the economy. Activities like money laundering, drug trade, and cybercrime fade the legal business, distort market dynamics, and contribute to the loss of trust in the financial system. The nature of Monero poses challenges for regulators and policymakers to create an effective framework to address these issues.

So, from a government stance, the privacy features of Monero present some challenges. It exploits privacy for evil purposes. A balance between privacy and accountability become increasingly complex in the context of cryptocurrencies like Monero.

The Statistic Shows the Rise of Using Monero on Hidden Wiki

Monero is a privacy-fixated cryptocurrency that provides its users a completely anonymous and almost undetectable transactions. At the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) and other decentralized cryptocurrencies use better-quality privacy features that hide participants’ public wallet addresses and payment amounts.

The exclusive features make Monero (XMR) a preferred coin of hidden wiki’s black markets in 2016. The price of Monero increased its esteemed by almost 27000 percent and overtook all other cryptocurrencies.

In 2020 and 2021, the story remained constant, and Monero (XMR) augmented by 242.7 percent and 83.3 percent correspondingly and pointed again to $483.7 in May 2021.

However, last year (2022) was pretty tough for the financial markets because of the increase in energy values, increasing inflation, and an aggressive global economic strike. As per these reasons, the cryptocurrency market also weakened by 64.5 percent from $2.3 trillion to $828.7 billion by January 1, 2023.

The price of money (XMR) fell by 40.6 percent the whole year, showing higher confrontation than Bitcoin (BTC), which also lost 65 percent of its worth in the same period.  

The Exchange Price of Monero Decline in 2023

The trading volume of Monero has slowly declined since the historically active 2021. The activity on the crypto exchange daily trading volume of Monero (XMR) hardly surpassed $200 million at the end of 2021 and during 2022.

While regulatory oversight tightened around privacy coins, government authorities suspected that Monero (XMR) and other privacy center cryptos were used for money laundering, tax dodging, cybercrime, and other criminal activities on the hidden wiki.

However, Bittrex, Kraken, and Coinbase delisted Monero for separate jurisdictions that applied stricter regulations against Monero (XMR). After that, Kucoin and Binance became the biggest centralized exchanges supporting Monero and witnessing XMR trade against tether and Bitcoin (BTC) mostly.

The official member of Monero trading volumes declined, while the anonymous team behind Mponero reported growth in XMR transfer in 2022. And daily Monero transactions increased by 73% from 23K to 40K daily.

Moreover, malicious XMR mining will increase in 2022. As per a cybersecurity company, more than 153000 new prohibited crypto malware cases were marked last year. Almost half of them (48 percent) of them were covertly mining Monero.

Monero Gets More Attention on Social Media

Meanwhile, the interest in Monero has returned to social media, where Monero has one of the biggest communities. The online activity of Monero intensified over the past year on the most popular social media platforms channels. As per the social intelligence platform, Monero was stated 143 percent more often in 2022 than in the prior years.

The number of people talking about Monero increased 234 percent, while collaboration across XMR social posts prolonged more than five times to 1.6 billion users the previous year.

Reasons that Led to a Sudden Rise in the Price of Monero in Hidden Wiki

Monero users and investors who have been around for over 8 years have questioned the factors behind the unexpected rise in the price of Monero. Right now, experts suggest that there should have been at least five major reasons that triggered the value of Monero:

  • Darknet integration
  • Continuous support of experts
  • Legitimate cryptography
  • Privacy of cryptocurrencies
  • Mainstream media exposure

The hype of Mainstream Media and Darknet Integration

An online dark web market on the Tor network and hidden wiki known as Alpha Bay Market proclaimed the employment of Monero due to a strong request from the community. The operators of dark web marketplaces stated that;


After the release of that announcement, another popular dark web marketplace, Oasis, announced their employment of Monero (XMR). That offers AlphaBay help with the employment and other technical problems involved in using the currency.

However, the statement of both AlphaBay and Oasis was made public by mainstream media outlets. Including Motherboard Vice, Techmeme, and ZDNet, pushing the amount and demand for Monero (XMR).

Monero’s Privacy, Valid Cryptography, & Support from Experts

Dash is a dominant privacy-attentive cryptocurrency with a significantly higher market cap and trading volumes compared to Monero (XMR). Yet, its cryptography and infrastructure are seriously complained about by the experts and developers. That is why many users and investors on Hidden Wiki and Darknet get rid of their gear towards Monero.

Since Monero’s publication in April 2014, Monero has been highly praised for its valid cryptography and well-recognized set-up by developers. Many developers precisely praised the Monero (XMR) invention of Ring CT, which allows a confidential transactions scheme.

Even though the price rise of Monero (XMR) was somewhat unlooked for, experts constantly highlighted and acclaimed the efforts of the Monero development team in making a substitute for Bitcoin (BTC), which promises a strong set-up and consistent privacy features.

Five Other Cryptocurrencies Prices to Rise in 2023

It is impossible to know which cryptocurrency is next to explode in the means of price. Here, we have shared some probable cryptocurrencies that are capitalizing on the current trends that include AI: Artificial intelligence decentralized applications and digital payments solutions.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum has been the second major cryptocurrency for years, and it was the first blockchain to offer smart agreements that developers can use to build applications. This cryptocurrency’s first-mover benefit has given it a large lead over analogous competitors.

However, the platform went through its long-anticipated variation to a proof of stake system in September 2022, suggestively enlightening its energy proficiency. The advancement also means it is now probable to stake Ethereum and earn more, which helps to appeal to more stakeholders. Overall, Ethereum has great advance potential without the exciting volatility of smaller cryptos.

2.  SingularityNET

SingularityNET, or AGIX, is a blockchain platform that allows users to create, share, and monetize AI services. It offers a worldwide AI marketplace for users to buy all kinds of AI services using the AGIX token. This platform has a huge team of AI scientist researchers and developers. That makes it easy for users to buy AI services or grow and trade their own.

The platform already had quite a bit of accomplishment prior to this year, with its value growing by more than 1300 percent. However, it later decayed because some investors took their profits. But it could see more achievement as AI and the number of companies using AI endure to rise.

3.  Polygon

It is a unique platform that is designed to work with another blockchain platform. It recovers Ethereum scalability by letting its dApps use polygon sidechains. However, one of the best things about Polygon is the partnership it has established with big brands to launch their NFT projects. The partnership makes Polygon an exciting buy for those who already participate in Disney and Starbucks. And the other big corporations are working with Polygon.

4. Aave

Aasve is another decentralized finance: DeFi protocol and lending platform that lets the users lend and borrow cryptocurrency, and everything is done with smart contracts. Moreover, users can get interest in the numeral assets that they lend.

There are liquidity pools on Aave for popular cryptocurrencies like Tether and DAI. However, Aave could be a long-term winner because of crypto lending that extended into real-world assets with a corporation via Centrifuge. Aave made a real-world asset market because of this partnership.

The real-world asset lets the companies tokenize parts of their corporate. Investors can buy tokens accessible by those businesses, and the issuers of the tokens can then borrow stablecoins against their possessions.

5. XRP

XRP is the inherent cryptocurrency for Ripple. It is a payment protocol that uses blockchain technology for fast, reasonable transactions. Ripple was designed to ease worldwide transfers, and it has aligned with hundreds of financial establishments that use its technology.

However, Ripple came out on top in its long clash against the SEC for investors. A judge ruled that Ripple did not interrupt security commandments by trading XRP tokens on the exchange. But it did so through sales to established investors. Yet, the news runs to a hedge in XRP price, and it could lead to an additional rise in the cryptocurrency price and exchange volume.

Summing Up

In the dark places of the internet, Monero has emerged as a favorite cryptocurrency of the hidden wiki. This cryptocurrency enables anonymous transactions, making it a go-to cryptocurrency for illegal activities because of its privacy features.

In this article, we have shared all the details related to XMR, which purposes XMR uses in the hidden wiki, the rise of XMR statistics on the hidden wiki, and why its usage has risen in the hidden wiki. If you want to ask any other questions related to the Monero or any other cryptocurrency, let us know. We are always here to help you share the details with you.