How To Access the Hidden Wiki Using Tor Browser

How To Access the Hidden Wiki

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If you are interested in privacy, you may have heard about Tor Browser. It is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox that uses I2P, Tor over VPN, and DuckDuckGo as a search engine. These three tools are incredibly useful in hiding your IP address and ensuring privacy while using the internet. The hidden wiki is a darknet website that acts as a hub for hacking and other illegal activities. Here is the screenshot of Hidden Wiki:

The Hidden Wiki user interface

There are many reasons to use Tor for HiddenWiki; it is the best way nobody tracks you on the site you go. It means if you want to visit an official site such as a HiddenWiki but don’t want anyone knowing where you were at the site.

Don’t get into trouble; you are at the right place where you will learn how to access hidden wiki using the tor browser, and you will learn it because of facing problems while operating the illegal site.

What is Hidden Wiki?

The HiddenWiki is a certain part of the darknet site known as the dark web media wiki. It operates through the tor hidden service that could be anonymously edited after registering on the website. This website is not suitable for legal material uploaded by different users. In addition, each link on these sites can be found as a scam for you. And it does not verify any other organization.

Note: The person is responsible for everything they posted on the hidden wiki. And anything you’ll write on the encyclopedia can be edited. So, I don’t take guarantee that all information will always be correct or not.

How Does Hidden Wiki Work in the Darknet?

How Does Hidden Wiki Work in the Darknet

The Hidden Wiki is a popular resource for the dark web. It is a list of links to websites that are not publicly accessible. The links are made up of random numbers and letters, or “onions.” And it can be difficult to find the sites you want. Once you reach the HiddenWiki, register yourself to edit your stuff and add more links to get double services.

There are different methods you can follow to access the hiddenWiki. You just need to bookmark a site where you save a list of web pages. If you are into hacking, this is a common way of getting the site that teaches about the techniques used by hackers and other sources of info about hacking a site.

However, another way of accessing the hidden wiki is the TOR browser. This means TOR makes it impossible to know who has been visiting the site. And you can get access to it by using TOR and entering the specific URL in the search bar. Download the Tor into your computer because it anonymizes web usage.

Why is Hidden Wiki Used for Illegal Material?

HiddenWiki is run at the onion domain, which is only accessed by the onion router domain. This website has all the hidden links that work illegally, such as money laundering, pornography, contract killing, cyber-attacks for hire, organ smuggling, contraband chemicals, and bomb-making.

People use the hiddenWiki to get illicit items because this site works anonymously, and nobody can recognize the person using the website. Although it works on collecting website links, sometimes the links are displayed on the dark web, which isn’t part of the hiddenWiki. Hence, it might be a scammer link or something else. That’s why the drug mafia and others are recommended to specify the service of getting multiple drugs material and other stuff by using the right link.

How Can You Access the Hidden Wiki Using Tor Browser?

The Hidden Wiki is a massive collection of links to everything from dating sites to Pastebin posts. It’s also an exceptional way to access hidden services like Tor. These services allow you to surf the internet anonymously and bypass internet provider blocks. They also enable you to use encrypted email, which is a popular way to communicate online.

The onion router Browser is a modern version of Firefox that allows users to browse the web anonymously. Because Tor uses exit relays and encrypted tunnels, your traffic stays within a network and is not observable outside it. This means that you won’t be caught by government agencies tracking you.

You can access it by downloading the latest version of the Tor Browser Bundle from the official website on your computer. Once downloaded, run the desktop file by double-clicking in a file manager or terminal. The application will auto-update as new versions are released.

You can also follow the Tor Browser Bundle’s instructions to run it from a command line. Also, disable JavaScript, as it can make it easier for malicious code to run without your consent. Additionally, some plugins are incompatible with Tor and may ask for external access.

Can You Differentiate the Browsers: Tor Vs. Private Browsing

Tor Vs. Private Browsing

Before accessing the Hidden Wiki, it is important to understand what .Onion websites are. The “dark web” is actually just a series of websites using a special top-level domain name. In place of “.com,” onion websites end in “. onion,” which makes them much easier to remember. However, using directories like the Hidden Wiki makes finding relevant sites easier since these URLs look like random strings of characters.

The issue with the onion site is that you can’t access the regular search engine like chrome, safari, Firefox, etc. These browsers are not secure when defeating the goal of an onion browser. Although you need to install a special browser known as Tor, using Tor doesn’t differ much from using any other browser. It simply connects you to three volunteer computers worldwide before you start browsing.

In addition, if people combine with a solid virtual private network such as a PrivadoVPN, this proxy will help you keep your location hidden from prying eyes and give you access to the onion website.

As you might notice right away, DuckDuckGo is the default search engine instead of Google. Google makes it coinage by collecting info about everything you do online. People reassure you to use their amenity for logins to distinct sites and store your search histories for future analysis.


Q1: What is the Hidden Wiki, and why is it hidden?

The Hidden Wiki is a dark web site that contains links to various illegal and illicit activities. And it is hidden to protect the anonymity of its users and the illegal activities that take place on the site.

Q2: How to access a hidden wiki?

You must install the tor browser and download the tor browser bundle, then be ready to go. The browser is available on various platforms so that you can turn it on your desired one. This means you can use a live operating system version that eliminates the traces available on your computer due to malware. Next, go to the following Tor hidden links to get started on the work on the hidden wiki.

Q3: Can the federal government track you on the darknet?

The deep web is a hidden layer of the internet where you can download illegal content and trade drugs. It is often used as a tool for criminal activity. If you use more of it, you can be tracked by the federal government and sentenced to many years.

Q4: Is the onion router illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal! You can download it free but hiding your IP address & browsing history is not legal at all. However, people use the tor browser due to its quality of maintaining anonymity, and they are doing some illicit work. Other than that, users import and export illegal gears through hidden routes using Tor. That’s why nobody will recommend you to use the site.


Accessing the Hidden Wiki using Tor Browser can be a challenging and risky Endeavor. The Hidden Wiki is a dark web site that contains links to various illegal activities. And users should exercise caution when attempting to access it.

To access the Hidden Wiki, users must first download and install Tor Browser, which provides a layer of encryption and anonymity to their internet activity. However, even with Tor Browser, users may still be at risk of being tracked or monitored by law enforcement or malicious actors.

Therefore, it is important for users to understand the risks involved in accessing the Hidden Wiki. And to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves. This may include using a virtual private network (VPN), disabling scripts and plugins in Tor Browser, and avoiding clicking on unfamiliar links.