A Similar Hack as on Friendtech Would Not Affect Hidden Wiki Visitor

friendtech on hidden wiki

In this digital world, all the important things are on our smartphones and computers. In this era of technology, privacy and security are the major concerns of most internet users. The websites and applications require user personal information, like name, phone number, and email address, to access their sites. However, these requirements are simple and easy to fulfill.

In this digital world, all the applications and websites are not hundred percent secure, which means your data is not secure. On the Internet, there are a lot of people; some are good, and some are evil. Nowadays, many crimes are committed on the Internet, such as hacking, scamming, and stealing money from bank accounts and crypto wallets.

Recently, FriendTech, the social crypto application, was launched, and it created hype in the crypto market as well as on all social media platforms. In the very first week after its launch, more than 100,000 users joined Friend Tech. However, this application is not free to use; you must pay to create an account. Most people know about this application after the SIM-Swap attack.

Recently, Friendtech has been on hackers’ radar. The app itself is not completely hacked, but the accounts of users were hacked by their phone numbers. In this attack, hackers hacked their accounts and stole Ethereum. After this attack, users are scared to use Friend tech and deposit ETH. It is not the solution to avoid the use of Friend tech. In this article, we will guide you on how you can use friendtech on the hidden wiki without getting any threat of a hack.

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a directory of the dark Web that allows people to visit different sites without any security threat. It is one of the best sites on the dark Web, and most people call the Wikipedia of the dark Web. But why the hidden Wiki is so famous among all the dark net websites? Here are some main reasons why the hidden Wiki is the most trusted and popular directory.

Here are some reasons why Hidden Wiki is popular and people’s first choice to find onion links. First of all hidden wiki interface is simple and understandable, while other platforms’ interfaces are complicated. On this site, all the onion links are categorized, which means you don’t need to do a lot of searches to find your desired website.

You don’t need to reveal your identity to use any platform. You can submit any post or comment anonymously. The Hidden Wiki is full of good and bad stuff, and where people decide what they want to explore. Some people think hidden Wiki is illegal to use. Therefore, hidden Wiki is not illegal to visit, but some links they provide are indeed illegal.

Moreover, you cannot visit Hidden Wiki on simple browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Bing. To access Hidden Wiki, you need to install Tor Browser.

Tor browser

Tor is a browser that gives access to the dark Web. It offers browsing without any privacy risk or threat. Like other browsers, it saves your passwords and history notes your browsing and gives relevant ads. Tor browser has an encryption method, which means it does not save your history or passwords.

How To Use Hidden Wiki Through Tor Browser?

First, you have to download the Tor browser on your computer or any other device where you want to run Hidden Wiki. For security purposes must download the VPN and turn it on. Open the Tor browser; it requires a security setting where three options are on the list: standard, safe, or safest. Select Safest to prevent any security threat.

Once you are on the Tor browser, you have turned on all the security settings and the VPN. Now it’s time to explore Hidden Wiki. DUCKDUCKGO is the search engine of the Tor browser. On this search engine, type Hidden Wiki; on the top results, you will find the official Hidden Wiki Website.

The Hidden Wiki is the top directory of the dark Web that provides all the Onion websites. Furthermore, you can search for what type of websites you are looking for. Remember that there are fake and scam websites on hidden Wiki, too. Be careful when you visit any site any of them.

Do you Know About Friend Tech?

Friendtech is a new decentralized social media app with crypto market features like airdrop, rewards, fee sharing, and much more. This decentralized app connects with Twitter(X).it is the most beneficial application for influencers, celebrities, and crypto investors. Users buy shares of any influencer account and chat with them privately.

Later, Friend Tech changed the name shares to keys. Everyone buys keys to communicate with each other. With keys, people have access to private chat rooms in-app and exclusive content from the X (Twitter) user.

On this app, every user has a chat group, just like the groups in Telegram. In order to enter the other person’s private chats, first must purchase keys. This group is the same as stocks, and their share price depends on the community; the higher the group members higher the share price.

Joining groups is a profitable investment in Friend Tech. However, Friend Tech launched airdrop features to engage their users. In the airdrop, friend tech gives rewards for completing tasks.

To participate in the airdrop, go to your account and click on the airdrop option, where you will find your task list to avail of the airdrop. Usually, on airdrop, the main task is referring your invite code to your friend. When your friend adds your invite code to join this platform, friend tech gives you rewards points.

Note: Every person who wants to join Friend Tech must have an X account, 0.01 ETH, and, most importantly Friend Tech invite code.

How to Download the Friend Tech App

 Friend tech is a social media app, and it is easy to install like other applications. To download this application on your mobile phone, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to any browser and visit FriendTech.
  • Tap on the menu in the top right corner of your browser, and click Install App.
  • Allow the download to complete.
  • You can access the application just clicking on the friend tech icon from the application list.

Now you have downloaded the application, it’s time to create an account with friend tech.

 How to Sign in FriendTech

  • To create an account, click on sign in.
  • Enter your mobile number. Instead of using a mobile number, you can use a Google account or Apple account.
  • Enter the friend tech invite code.
  • Link your X(Twitter) account to confirm your identity.
  • Now, deposit 0.01 ETH in your account. Friend tech provides two ways to deposit funds in your account: Deposit on Mainnet and Receive on base.
  • Deposit mainnet: you can send ETH directly to your Friend tech wallet.
  • Receive on base: Send Ethereum to the provided address on the base network.
  • Choose the base option to deposit successfully. In case of any inconvenience, your direct deposit of funds may be lost.
  • After all the procedure is completed, you are able to explore and trade shares on the platform.

Why is Friend Tech so Popular?

Friend tech combines social media with stock market elements. Users can invest in other user profiles with keys and their value increases as they grow in popularity. Friend Tech is the fastest-growing crypto-social platform.

This decentralized application launched on August 10, 2023; after its launch, more than 100,000 users joined this platform. The friend tech has generated more than 25$ million in fees in one week.

However, when a key is sold or purchased, a 5% fee goes to the app, and the other 5% goes to the group owner. Moreover, the price of keys depends on group popularity. Where the group has more members, the price of their key is high.

Friend Tech is Under SIM-Swap Threats

A new wave of SIM-Swap heists where scammers access users’ friend tech accounts and steal their liquidity. In this recent attack, hackers stole around $400,000 worth of Ethereum. Several influencer accounts on the crypto-social platform claimed that their account was hacked and attackers were draining Ethereum from their wallets.

However, friend Tech was not directly hacked, and the hackers attacked individual user’s accounts by hijacking their phone numbers. SIM-Swapping is when hackers gain control of a user’s phone number and use it to access their Cryptocurrency wallets.

On the other hand, Friend Tech introduced a new login method to help prevent SIM-Swap attack account takeovers. However, security experts said this method is not enough, and Users should use Two-factor authentication to protect themselves better.

Using FriendTech on the Hidden Wiki

In this digital era, all things are now in our hands. Cryptocurrency has gained popularity all over the world with its satisfactory results. By using Cryptocurrency, it is easy to make transactions without third-party involvement. Cryptocurrency gives great benefits to its users. On the market, there are several marketplaces to buy and sell digital currencies.

However, Cryptocurrency gives financial strength, but the question in mind many investors is what is the best secure platform to invest in. On the Internet, there are a lot of platforms that claim they are highly secure.

In August 2023, 0xRacerALT and Shrimppepe introduced the social-crypto platform to socialize and trade your shares and earn a percentage of transaction fees. However, Friend Tech has been highly popular among all the crypto marketplaces after its launch. Additionally, the platform gives several benefits to its users, but after the SIM-Swap attack, user’s major concern is the privacy and security of their accounts wallet.

As I mentioned above, friend Tech changed its login method to prevent scams, but that is not enough to secure your account. All the security concerns people are scared about using Friend tech.it is a great platform to communicate with others and earn ETH.

Most people are scared and decide to leave the platform after the SIM-Swap threat. Instead of leaving the platform, why not use the most secure hack to save your account and secure your wallet? The Hidden Wiki is the key to securing your account completely from attackers.

The Hidden Wiki is a website on the dark Web where you use all the platforms without showing your identity. Firstly, register yourself on Hidden Wiki and use any platform anonymously. It is a simple step to follow to avoid scams; using FriendTech through Hidden Wiki makes you safe from attackers.

Final Words

The newly launched decentralized application is in a town where people use social media combined with the crypto market. Friend Tech is one of the leading web3 apps among all the crypto and social media platforms. In this article, I mentioned all the steps on how you can download and create an account on friend tech.

The recent SIM-Swap attack on friend tech users is more concerned about the privacy and liquidity of your account. However, to get rid of these types of hacks and save your money from hackers, follow this trick to use friendtech through Hidden Wiki safely. It is one of the safest ways to use your Friend tech account more securely and prevent from SIM-Swap attack.


where can I get the Friend Tech invite code?

You can get an invite code from your friends who already have a friend tech account. Moreover, you can also check on Twitter and other social media platforms where people share their invitation codes.

Which Cryptocurrency is used in Friend Tech?

Friend tech built on Ethereum (ETH) layer two blockchains called base.

How much is 0.01 ETH in dollars?

Cryptocurrency prices are unpredictable. No one knows how much you pay for 0.01 Ethereum at the time when you purchase the token. Today, the cost of 0.01 Ethereum is 16$.