DarkOde Reborn: Largest All-Purpose Marketplace of Darknet

DarkOde Reborn

Do you want to know about the largest illegal darknet market? Darkode served as an all-purpose marketplace as Darkode Reborn with a broad variety of products. You can find all types of fraud-related products, drugs, chemistry equipment, and several other digital products, which means anything can be sold on the platform, from drugs to physical goods to digital.

In 2015, the Darkode site was takedown by an international law enforcement official on July 15. But, it comes back as a more powerful criminal marketplace, DarkOde reborn, built around an online password-protected illegal forum & served as the meeting place of the advanced skills of international hackers. Where hackers & cyber criminals are set up to generate, sell, buy, trade, and share hacking tools, ideas, and information.

However, Darkode reborn also added a new onion-routing Tor service that makes unique web addresses for its users, which makes it difficult for law enforcement to track or monitor the site. Unlike other dark web markets, Darkode offers a fully-fledged online experience with a simple user interface. Hence, it looks quite capable regarding security measures, structure, and services.

 Now, let’s dive into the detail of this largest marketplace.

About DarkOde Reborn Marketplace

DarkOde is a relatively dark web market that is actually an Omniversal marketplace combining everything you want; with more varieties than ever before. You can find fraud-related equipment; sell stolen data like server details, credit card credentials, email addresses, and personal identifiable information. Members can also trade details about software & hardware vulnerabilities, botnets, attack tools, and much more.

DarkOde is a combination of advanced technologies with progressive ideas, which make it the biggest e-commerce platform on the Darkweb with a user-friendly interface. Here is an overview of the Darkode.

  • Payment Supported: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
  • Protection: 2-FA, PIN, Anti-phishing code;
  • No of products: 5,000+;
  • Vendor bond: $200
  • Wallet-less: No;
  • Multisignature escrow: Yes

Now you know the key concept of the marketplace. Read on further to know a closer look at the site.

Stats on Darkode Reborn Market

NameDark0de Reborn
Founded24 May 2019
Total Users220,000
Total Vendors1,500
Total Products9,300
PaymentBitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Vendor Bond200$, Gold – $1K, Diamond – $2K

Darkode User-Interface

Darkode User-Interface

Unlike other typical darknet market sites, the DarkOde site has a user-friendly interface. You will see three front-bar options; the initial is dedicated to funds, security, and protection. The other bar shows the marketplace rates and has a search bar, cart, and links to the user account. Whereas the third bar is what notes the product- types. Hence, you can see an additional section that lets you check several areas of the industry, such as coin exchange, coin mixer, crypto, and the forum.

Moreover, you will see the featured listings if you scroll the page. Then, you can encounter a filter that lets you choose your region to locate more suitable products conveniently. The buying process remains the same as on other dark web market sites. Maybe newbies find it difficult to navigate, but it’s not that tricky.

Products Available on Darkode

This marketplace reborn has quite rich features & claims to be unique among other marketplaces on Darknet. As it has a huge variety of product categories like chemistry equipment, shill marketing, APT, racketeering, corruption, cam girls, and whatnot.

Products Available on Darkode

If you are looking for a place to get traditional darknet products such as forged documents, card credentials, drugs, databases, etc., you can get them from Darkode. Indeed, these traditional products cover up to 90% of the market’s total stock. But the disappointing factor is that the market only has around 5000 individual listings to provide for now and continues to grow with time.

Payments Ways

Now, let’s shed light on the Payments modes of DarkOde. The market didn’t fail to add its unique payment way. It accepts XMR (Monero) and Bitcoin for payments. Although, the fact is, just “Bitcoin” can be used to deposit as well as make a direct payment.

Hence, if you have Monero and want to convert it back to bitcoin, you can easily do it using the built-in coin shifter the platform offers. (But it’s not free). For Instance, a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC is needed for BTC to XMR conversion. Whereas the minimum condition is 0.5XMR for XMR to BTC shifting.

The only unacceptable yet traditional aspect of the market industry is that it’s not wallet-less. That’s why advance payments are necessary. Fortunately, withdrawals are allowed for 2.5% of the transaction amount. But the best news is that there’s no “minimum withdrawal limit.”

Another uniqueness of DarkOde is that it demands a 3.5% charge be paid by both the purchaser and the seller/transaction. Do you guys find it good or not?

Vending Policy

Darkode is a standard marketplace in the sense that it links third-party vendors and purchasers. The platform may or may not sell products all by itself. However, this market provides a good vendor ranking system; trusted suppliers get a reviewed badge. Vendors can also buy gold & diamond badge. It is all done just to gain trust, as fake vendors will only lose from such purchases. Vendors’ bonds are currently costing $200.00. This will surely get individuals a degree 1 vendor account. Hence, there are a total of 3 levels, yet the entry must be at level 1.

However, new suppliers on the Darknet are added to monitor by the staff to ensure buyers do not get scammed. On the other hand, it has a username-holding policy. This means that if a person can give their established username on other dark web markets, the username is made available to the suppliers instead of being already registered. It is best as it provides multiple choices to the suppliers. Also, the vendor bond isn’t cheap, so scammers can’t log in easily.

Note: Also, note that if the account isn’t logged in for 56 days, the account and all related activities are permanently eliminated.

Security Measures of Dark

As I already mentioned, DarkOde reborn is rich in features; the other important feature is its privacy & protection. I noticed the “Public username” and “Private Username” fields on the registration. This dual-username feature increases privacy & safety. You have to set a pin during registration; it is requested when you want to withdraw funds from your market wallet.

Moreover, if the username isn’t displayed or is wrongly shown, it specifies that the user is on a phishing page. Aside from this, there is also the “Security PIN” during registration. It’s needed for withdrawals.

Moreover, when you place an order, standard traditional escrow support is available alongside multisig transactions. However, it encrypts all data by using PGP encryption. For more protection, PGP can also be used for 2FA logins which are exceptional for buyers but necessary for suppliers. The marketplace protects the funds for both the vendors and purchasers by allowing multisig deals. I will rate it 10/10 as I don’t see any security flaws.


DarkOde removes all user messages, such as orders, shipping details, etc., after 40 days. The details are only kept as long as the order is valid or needed by the marketplace. During communication time, the details and messages are completely encrypted. I like the fact that the market is honest about its policies. Although every darknet market does this, most are not as transparent as DarkOde.

How to Access Darkode?

When you open the site link, you will see the main page where you have to log in (if you already have an account). If not, then register for a new one. It’s quite simple, opt for a username, a private username (as security against phishing, a pin code (for withdraws), and passwords. When you are done filling out the fields, you will be signed in directly to the marketplace.

Also, do remember one thing before you can start purchasing on Darkode, it is required to deposit bitcoin or Monero to your personal wallet. And on the right bar of the home page, you can see the account balance. When you tap on the balance, you will be moved to the wallet page, where you can send funds to the Darkode market.


I have summed up all the goodies and rich features of Darkode reborn. It seems like they have a professional team. The functionality of this market is perfect, along with an easy UI. It was written from scratch to just focus on a darknet’s suppliers’ and purchasers’ needs because it offers more options than other darknet markets. The other feature of Darkode is the gift card option, which is available for purchase and can be redeemed later. Have you ever visited Darkode? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

Disclaimer– Do not purchase or buy anything on the market. If you do, you are only responsible for your actions.