The 6 Best Dark Web Vendors to Buy Illegal Goods and Services

dark web vendors

Do you want to buy something on the dark web and find a trustworthy vendor? Read this article and explore the six best dark web vendors, what they sell, and how you can select the right vendor for you.

Do you Know About dark Web Vendors?

Dark web vendors are merchants who sell illegal goods and services in the dark web marketplaces. These vendors use the TOR browser and VPN for encryption and anonymity to hide their illegal activities from law enforcement and escape accountability for their activities. In the dark web marketplaces, vendors provide products, including drugs, counterfeit items, hacking tools, and many other illegal things. Moreover, for anonymous transactions, they often use cryptocurrencies to make their earnings more difficult to trace and further cloud their identities.

What do Dark Web Vendors Sell?

Vendors on the darknet trade different sorts of illegal goods and services. Here, we have shared what you will find on the dark web marketplaces.

Fraudulent Tools and Data

The dark web vendors sell stolen credit card numbers with verification codes stolen (PII) personal identifying information, fraudulent bank accounts, fraud software tools, credit card skimmers, RFID readers, and cloning devices.

Hacking, Spam, and Phishing Tools

Vendors on the dark net markets sell software tools, services, and scripts; zero-day software vulnerabilities; exploit kits; hacking tools and scripts; spam and phishing tools; RDPs; scraped emails; and access to secure databases. These services allow threat actors with minimal tech know-how to launch active cyberattacks.

Malware and Ransomware Tools

The vendors on the darknet sell almost every kind of malware you can expect that is used to carry out a variety of cyberattacks, including;

  • Keyloggers: Used to spy on activities and, in the end, take over personal and bank accounts.
  • Botnets: Used for spam or DDoS attacks.
  • Proxy Malware: Hijacks the PC and turns it into a proxy server.
  • RATs—Remote Access Trojans: Give remote access to a PC.
  • Rootkits: Give access to a system.
  • Banking Trojans: Steal credentials when accessing financial organizations.

Illegal Services

The dark web vendors offer services for cyber-attacks against a specific target, steal data from a particular company, or produce a customized fraud and malware program. 

How-to Guides

The dark web vendors sell detailed guides on how to steal money and commit fraud. Also offers common topics for guides and tutorials, including hacking credit card scams, installing malware and ransomware attacks, social engineering, and digital anonymity.


Drugs marketplaces on the deep web and dark work on a scale that indicates a strong relationship between worldwide organized crime. The darknet vendors traffic all types of drugs, including hash, cannabis, LSD, cocaine, and others.

The 6 Best Dark Web Vendor Shops

The dark web marketplaces are bursting with vendors, but unfortunately, not all of them are trusted or verified. The dark web markets and the darknet vendor shops have the tendency to cause exit scams, which are running away with the money of the buyers and never sending their stuff. All these marketplaces and vendor shops are removed that look to be scammers or have proof of scamming people. You must also go for dark web vendor reviews to get a fair idea of the vendor shops you may have selected.

Here, we have shared the best six dark web vendor lists.

1.      GammaGoblin: Pushing Taboo

GammaGoblin is one of the most trusted vendor shops on the dark web. It has worked for over 12 years, which is a heck of a load to be vending on the dark web. In this vendor shop, you will find 20+ products. The best product is LSD, so if that is your thing, then you do not have to hesitate to reach out to them. But keep in mind that this vendor shop only contracts with huge acquisitions. So, if you are looking for a small acquisition, then this is not your spot.

2.      Psycellium

Psycellium is the best vendor shop to buy LSD and MDMA on the dark web. It has been reachable on the dark web for a very long time and has almost 100 percent positive reviews. This vendor shop has 4000+ sales on different dark web marketplaces, including the Empire Market, Dream Market, Wall Street Market, and The Majestic Garden.

3.      HeinekenExpress

It is based in the Netherlands and has been working for 6 years on the dark web. This vendor shop sells thousands of products, including MDMA, stimulants, cannabis, psychedelics, benzodiazepines, ketamine, ecstasy, speed, and KSD, at reasonable prices. But they don’t provide escrow services, so if there is anything wrong with your order, you must lose your money. However, this shop started in the dream market and then expanded its sales to other markets, including Cryptonia, Apollon, and Wall Street.

4.      WeAreAMSTERDAM

WeAreAmsterdam is one of the most respected and trusted vendor shops. It is a 4-year-old vendor shop and sells more than 20,000 products and services on 20 different markets on the dark web. This vendor has a page on the Dread forum where users and buyers can get more data about them. Moreover, the reviews are quite remarkable, and cases of non-sending are very rare.

5.      Smokers Co.

Smoker Co. is based in Spain and began in 2016 on the dark web. This vendor shop gives its customers the best customer service and high-quality goods at the best prices. Smokers Co. sells different kinds of marijuana (cannabis) weed and hash on the darknet. Buyers can quote prices in euros, US dollars, British pounds, and bitcoins (BTC).

6.      New shit.

It is based in the United States of America and trades acid tabs, small-dosage tabs, toxic inkjet ink and toner, hand-painted blotter sheets made with watercolor paints, and either the drug LSD (or a non-toxic alternative for LSD). In these tabs, ethylene glycol is found, which is very unhealthy. The product gallery is bigger and has up to 900 tabs on a single page, so feel free to stop. However, if you are not from the US, you must buy $50 worth of goods. But if you live in the US, you don’t have to meet a minimum purchase requirement.

How to Safely Navigate and Contact the Dark Web Vendors?

1st Step: Install TOR Browser

First of all, download and install the Tor Browser from the official website. Tor lets you access .onion websites, which are unique to the dark web and deep web.

2nd Step: Connect to the TOR Network

Once you install the Tor Browser, open it. It will robotically connect you to the Tor network to ensure your anonymity.

3rd Step: Explore Dark Web Sites

Use a hidden internet search engine like “DuckDuckGo” or a directory like “The Hidden Wiki” to see onion websites to find legitimate vendors.

4th Step: Explore vendors

Now, research the background, reviews, ratings, and feedback of vendors that you select on forums and marketplaces.

5th Step: Communicate with the vendor

When communicating with vendors, use secure communication systems like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption for emails to make sure that your conversations remain private. 

6th Step: Make Transactions

Use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) for added anonymity when making payments.

7th Step: Get Products and Services

Once you have done a transaction, wait for the vendor to send the product or service as agreed upon.

How to Select the Right Dark Web Vendors?

If you are new to the dark web, it is complicated for you to select the right dark web vendor among hundreds of dealers selling goods and services on marketplaces. So, here we have shared how to choose legit dark web vendors.

Larger Sales Volumes are not Good At All Times

A user stated that he bought five blotters of DOB from a reputable British dark web vendor on Silk Road. A month had passed, but he did not get the order and asked for a reshipment. The dealer agreed to send two blotters for free, yet his post box was still empty after another month of waiting. After all, he believed that Silk Road was a scam. Then he decided to give it the last try and bought five blotters of DOB from a novice dark web vendor. In 20 days, he got the parcel at almost half the price compared to the Silk Road order.

Well, we have seen old vendor shops scam the buyers, so you must not select reputable dark web vendors and stick to novices. Assumingly, due to the high volume of trade, established sellers scam buyers, most of whom are foreign customers. Because the order is robotically confirmed before the deadline for delivery, several bad feedbacks amidst hundreds of positive ones don’t harm the business.

There are two solutions to this: first, select a good category you are interested in and sort goods by the newest first. Now look for recent listings added by both old-timers and beginners. Then, sort goods by price, from low to high, and search for special offers. For example, you will find 16 MDMA listings at a price of less than $2, excluding shipping. The cheapest MDMA costs $1.18 per gram with free delivery and a 100% refund.

Prefer Domestic Shipping

You must favor domestic, trusted vendors over foreign ones for these reasons.

  1. Nationwide orders will hit your mailbox quicker than international ones.
  2. Packages sent locally get intercepted less frequently. Post office staff have no right to open parcels, but when workers find something suspicious, they call the police. Therefore, as long as a packet doesn’t smell like cannabis and powder or liquid doesn’t leak from the carton, it won’t be identified.
  3. If you get caught red-handed with a package containing controlled substances delivered from abroad, you’ll be charged with drug smuggling.

So, in case no domestic dealers are selling the drugs you want to buy on the dark web market, prefer the ones located at the closest range to speed up the delivery.

Select Quality Items at a Reasonable Cost

To save money, you have to find the listing in the dark web marketplace at the most reasonable price, and it’s not as easy as it probably seems to be.

Let’s consider the example of shopping for cannabis. If you buy 10 grams of hash from a European vendor for $41.35, you’ll probably receive low-quality stuff. On the other hand, dealers from Pakistan and Afghanistan sell top-notch hash for this or even a lower price. Moreover, if you check the product that you got from a European vendor, it will not be the same high quality as what you got from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Risk Related to Dark Web Vendors

Getting into a dark web vendor comes with many risks.

  • Legal Penalties: Engaging in any illicit activity on the dark web can lead to criminal charges and custody.
  • Identity Theft: Sharing your personal data on the dark web, even in search of illicit goods and services, sets you at risk of identity theft.
  • Financial Loss: Contributing to carding or buying hacking tools can lead to economic losses and charges.
  • Cyberattacks: Partnerships on free forums may expose you to malicious people who could target your online presence or business.
  • Absence of Anonymity: Despite the awareness of anonymity, law enforcement agencies have successfully tracked down individuals engaged in illicit activities on the dark web.

What Benefits does a Dark Web Vendor have?

1. Financial Incentives

The anonymous nature of the dark web allows illegal activities that help to make money on the dark web and overcome financial hurdles. Furthermore, the acceptance of crypto also contributes to higher profits and reduced chances of being tracked by anyone.

2. Freedom from Rules

Dark web vendors have freedom from legal and regulatory constraints. Vendors can avoid the rules, license requirements, and compliance requirements that reduce the risk of legal aftermaths.

3. Access to the Global Market

One of the main benefits a dark web vendor has is access to the global market. Vendors can connect with worldwide buyers over the dark web, unlike traditional markets that are restricted by locations. It creates chances for vendors to grow their businesses and reach a wider audience.

4. Anonymity and Security

The vendors of the dark web need anonymity and security to protect their identities. The dark web uses encryption and anonymity software like Tor Brower to hide the identities of buyers and sellers. Vendors work under assumed names to save their identities and hide from law enforcement agencies or rival criminals. 

5. Using Technical Skills

The merchants of the dark web use skills that allow them to engage in illegal activities, including hacking, cybersecurity, and other technical skills. Benefiting from these skills, vendors can provide illegal goods and services like stolen data, hacking tools, and fake documents.