Top 19 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels

dark web telegram groups and channels

Did you know that Telegram is the new hub of dark web illegal activities? The dark net provides a marketplace to trade stolen CVVs, drugs, tools, or malware, hold victims of cyber-attacks to ransomware, and discuss targets and tactics for cybercriminals. However, the dark web illicit markets are starting to lose their value because of the presence of dark web telegram groups and channels.

In 2021, after the WhatsApp privacy policy scandal, Telegram was used as the best alternative to an end-to-end encrypted communication app. Telegram is an open and free source, cloud-based instant messaging app that has gained high popularity as people want more private conversations.

Because of its high privacy standards, the Telegram platform attracted lots of cybercriminals to move their activities to Telegram, where they could talk, leak data, or even sell illegal items they had online without exposing their true identity.

So, in this article, we have described the 19 most dark web Telegram groups and channels and their activities, and why we are using Telegram groups and channels. But let us first understand Telegram’s popularity and the connection between the dark web and Telegram.

Why is Telegram so Popular?

Telegram was established in 2013 as an anonymous communication service. Telegram has always been an open-source platform that allows individuals from all over the world to connect and speak freely since the application promises to use end-to-end encryption. Telegram’s user base grew dramatically in 2021. It was due to the WhatsApp privacy crisis in 2021, which stated that WhatsApp shares user data. Such as phone numbers, transaction data, and other service-related information with its parent company, Facebook. This incident alone boosted Telegram’s popularity, resulting in 25 million new users signing up in only three days.

However, Telegram’s rising popularity drew a lot of attention, and individuals from all over the world began joining. Because the software does not have a formal registration procedure, anybody may sign up for Telegram. As a result, Telegram attracted a large number of cybercriminals, hackers, drug traffickers, hate-speech promoters, racists, journalists, and political activists.

Telegram has long been charged with promoting political and religious extremism, which is why numerous government agencies, like Russia and Iran, have banned the app in their own countries. But don’t panic you can still use this platform in banned countries by using a good VPN or a proxy to access dark web Telegram groups and channels.

What is The Connection between the Dark Web and Telegram Groups and Channels?

As the name indicates, the dark web is seen to be risky and suspicious, which is right to some extent because dealing with illegal narcotics and engaging in unlawful activities is popular on the dark web. The dark web is said to be the home of an illicit market. But, like any image, the black web has two sides. The dark web is not just for unlawful or criminal activities; it is also utilized by political whistleblowers, activists, and journalists who may be blocked or face political consequences if exposed by their government. WIKILEAKS is also an outcome of the dark web.

When searching for dark websites on search engines such as Google, no results are returned. The process involves downloading the TOR browser; therefore, anonymity cannot be ensured with this browser. As a result, black web users and website owners are shifting to Telegram for convenience, taking advantage of the platform’s anonymity and ‘ secret chat’ purpose.

Top 19 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels

On Telegram, there are thousands of illicit groups and channels. Here, we discuss the top 19 which are famous among bad actors.

1.   LAPSUS$

Soon after their emergence, the well-known hacking gang rattled several government and tech companies with their strikes in less than a year. Recent takedowns in the UK have brought Lapsus$ to light, leading to the arrest of seven people, two of whom are accused of several cyber-related offenses.

The suspects range in age from 16 to 21. They may communicate with their victims anonymously, publish about their attacks, and exchange leaks on this Telegram channel. Additionally, they occasionally discuss sharing prior leaks, assembling teams or infrastructure, and planning future assaults in other chat channels. There are currently over 54,000 members of this channel worldwide.

2. Null Leak

This group is one of the most disturbing leak providers among all the dark web Telegram groups and channels. Along with distributing leaks, this Ukrainian-based organization also discusses the background behind them on its website, which has over 3.900 subscribers. It’s interesting to note that the channel also offers a VIP sub-group where users are invited to join and where all leaks are posted. But in a message to SOCRadar, one of Ares’ administrators claimed that no information was shared with anybody but VIP users.

3. W BH (Against the West/BlueHornet)

Generally speaking, papers, private data, and material with a privileged background that belongs to the target organizations, groups, or nations are hacked by ATW BH. This American organization targets China and Russia. They also devastate the target countries’ hackers. Everyone may readily access their Twitter accounts and Telegram group, where all of their acts and disclosures are publicized.
In addition to providing clear explanations of leaks in a manner that is understandable to everybody. They also promptly address even the naivest inquiries regarding leaks and hacks via their Telegram group and account. Additionally, they employ dark web Telegram groups and channels as a means of internet sales.


The STORMOUS Ransomware group has taken credit for many attacks since the beginning of 2022.
In addition to disseminating breaches and information via the dark web. This organization uses publicly accessible Telegram channels to communicate with the public about its activities. They also use Telegram networks to locate purchasers for information.

5. Dark Websites

The Dark Websites is a popular Telegram channel where people discuss information on cryptocurrency trading platforms and find tools for surfing the dark web. With 47,000 subscribers, it offers a useful library of knowledge without pushing illegal content.

6.  KelvinSecurity

KelvinSecurity is the best dark web Telegram groups and channels are a forum for hackers to debate, share information, and stay up-to-date on the latest hacking news, breaches, and vulnerabilities. We see exploits and vulnerabilities being discussed and traded, code reviews and hackers exchanging insights, threat actors discussing comparable organizations to improve their expertise, hacking manuals and tutorials, and other material vital to the hacking community’s survival and growth.

7. Breached Data

Among all the dark web Telegram groups and channels, Breached Data provides information regarding sensitive data exposures. Such as security pins, phone numbers, and passwords. With over 6,000 subscribers, it delivers timely information on worldwide data breaches.

8. The Hidden Wiki .onion v3

The Hidden Wiki is a Telegram channel with over 732 members that functions as a directory of connections to prominent Onion websites. This group is a wonderful resource for finding onion connections to popular dark websites.

8.  Best Free Courses

This channel is one of the most popular dark web Telegram groups and channels, with 9,634 subscribers from across the world. This channel offers free links to any Udemy courses or certificates. It is ideal for folks who dislike paying a high course registration fee while learning something new.

9.  Dark Hidden Wiki

This well-known dark secret wiki channel is the newest and most popular among dark web Telegram groups and channels, with 19,752 subscribers. This Telegram channel is a dark web directory of Onion sites for the Tor browser. This channel is a secure and trustworthy source for anyone looking for genuine dark web connections.

These are just a few of Telegram’s dark web channels. There are several more channels on Telegram, as well as various aspects of life, that provide Telegram users with a wealth of pleasure and knowledge.

10. Money Mart

Among all the dark web Telegram groups and channels, Money Mart is a gang that trades PII (personally identifiable information) gained through carding, credit card fraud, stolen bank account information, and money laundering.

Carding is a type of financial crime in which credit card details, bank account numbers, and other personal information are stolen online and used for unlawful activities such as money laundering.
In this case, an actor provides stolen credit card information for free and seeks money for extra services.

11.  We Leak Database

We Leak Database is one of the top dark web Telegram groups and channels where cybercriminals may find leaked datasets. As seen in the instance below, personal and sensitive information is revealed or offered for sale regularly, making it highly accessible and simple to acquire or purchase stolen personal data on Telegram.

We Leak Database has several forms of hacked data available for download. Some of the data belongs to people, while others to companies, such as business email addresses, login information for various services, credit card information, and so on.

12.   Perth Ghetto Warriors

Perth Ghetto Warriors is one of the active drug trafficking dark web Telegram groups and channels offering various kinds of drugs. For years, drug trafficking-related content was usually uploaded on Tor markets, but in recent years, it has transferred to Telegram groups like this one.

13.   /bant/ International Random – also Charlottes blog/ModP playground/Slayer

/bant/ is a recognized extremist group that provides a safe area for people to express their thoughts and incite racist content against Jews, Muslims, the LGBT community, and other ethnicities.

14. Moon Cloud

Moon Cloud is one of the most popular dark web Telegram groups and channels that gathers data from stealer logs, mostly Redline. This channel is commonly used to transfer credentials such as email addresses, IP addresses, passwords, user names, and so on.

15.  Lulz Security Indonesia

The official group of Lulz Security Indonesia is an Indonesia-based hacker group renowned for hacks, defacements, and data breaches. In this group, users talk about political views, a desire for recognition, and a determination to expose injustice through cyberattacks.

16. BlackForums Propaganda

BlackForums is a deep web forum. It was formed by BlackedSec and the Five Families hacker group, which are known for exchanging cybercriminal operations, mainly ransomware and malware-related information. In addition to the online platform, they run a flourishing Telegram group.


DEAD CC LIVE is one of the topmost dark web Telegram groups and channels that focuses on the swapping of stolen credit card information. This channel relies on carding, a type of financial crime that involves the online theft of credit card numbers, bank account information, and personal information, which can be utilized for fraudulent purposes such as money laundering and other unlawful acts.

18.  VulzSec Official

VulzSec, or VulzSecTeam, is a hacktivist setup known for its involvement in cyberattacks. Their operations have mostly targeted government websites, motivated by worries over police violence and the plight of Indian Muslims. Notably, the organization is linked to operations such as OpIndia2.0, which aimed to launch DDoS assaults on Indian government websites.

Why are Cybercriminals Using Telegram Groups and Channels?

The Telegram messaging application has improved its privacy and encryption features. The software allows you to subscribe to groups and channels where owners submit material and all users discuss it. However, the number of dark web Telegram groups and channels utilized by cybercriminals will climb to 100% by 2021.

However, one issue happens: why are cybercriminals in growing numbers in Telegram groups? Here is the factor.

  • Improved Anonymity: Cybercriminals may be concerned about their privacy when using the dark web, which authorities may easily monitor. With exclusive routing, the IP address is automatically masked. However, there is fear about admin surveillance and identity exposure. However, Telegram lacks typical administrators to monitor its groups, and private talks appeal to individuals seeking anonymity. Threat actors might use the service to mask their phone numbers.
  • Encrypted Communication: Encryption is crucial for preventing unlawful cybercrime operations. The Telegram app encrypts all messages to prevent man-in-the-middle assaults. It allows someone to eavesdrop on communications as they are sent. Encryption solutions are available in dark web markets, group channels, and forums. But threat actors must maintain secrecy to ensure encryption on the dark web.
  • Brutal Operations: The Telegram app enhances criminal activities for hacking groups and lone actors. Registering a domain to offer services and tools exposes the threat actor’s operation for spreading DDoS assaults, which can bring them down. Dark Web Telegram groups and channels escape the need for a domain, ensuring that cybercriminals can continue to operate as long as Telegram services are available.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed the top 19 dark web Telegram groups and channels. Although many of these groups and channels are usually open to the public. A large number of these groups are closed, and their links typically circulate within specific communities. These requirements empower many criminal groups to shift their operations to Telegram. On Telegram they can openly discuss, share, and even sell data without disclosing their identities.

While Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging applications for harmful organizations, law enforcement and security authorities are finding it more difficult to monitor the network.