Top 12 Black Kingdom Darknet Marketplace of 2024

Top 12 Black Kingdom Darknet Marketplace

Are you looking for a wondered market where you’ll find everything you want? The dark web markets are a part of it. However, things are different when you do online shopping from one dark web market because anonymity maintains both sides of the social network. But you get it worth exploring material you’ll never see before.

Darknet users already know the entire market. Somehow people don’t understand the scenario when they watch Youtube videos that are created to give a hit shot on the dark web. So, we have come to bring the top darknet site where no scammers or account hackers are found.

Note: Neither have I ever purchased anything from these sites, and I do not recommend you do so.

Swift Note About Darknet Kingdom

The darknet is part of the internet that is not indexed by Google or similar search engines created in the 1970s. This means that you can’t explore or visit the dark & deep web market by using a Google search. The main creating goal is just to provide a secure communication channel that is not susceptible to attacks and hacking.

The dark web has a compulsory website that ends with an extension onion that can’t be routed by a typical browser such as Google or Firefox. To look into these sites, you must use a special browser and a high-quality VPN service. The VPN helps you to make anonymous, and your online behavior cannot be tracked.

Quick Steps to Download the Ivacy VPN to Access Darknet Market

Download the Ivacy VPN to Access Darknet Market

The following steps are accessible to download and use a VPN to maintain the privacy and anonymity of a person. Below are the steps to follow when visiting darknet work:

  • You must go to the Ivacy account and click on sign up.
  • Make your account and download the accurate app for your device.
  • Now, select a server in the country where you want to be connected.
  • Go ahead and connect the VPN to your onion browser and visit the darknet black markets.

Now, browse the website calmly and discuss some darknet markets worth exploring for darknet world users in 2024.

Top 12 Dark Web Black Markets Free of Pro Scammers & Hackers

Let’s start with the following darknet marketplace list where you can buy or sell any product. But you are not allowed to do it on the black market because any kind of deal with any vendor on this marketplace will not be our responsibility.

I’ve not gone through these websites before. So, I don’t know any good website purchase – the site may be pure scan. In this case, you will lose money, and nothing gets back in return.

1: Tor2Door Market

Market Analysis of Dark Web Markets

  • No of Products: 12k+
  • Currencies Support: BTC & XMR
  • Wallet: Centralized
Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door market is a profound darknet market that currently has 12k products. Other than that, 7k products belong to the drug category, and other available products include jewels, services, digital products, and fraud. This site accepts Monero & Bitcoin, and you can do direct cash on payments which are not allowed.

Vendors need to pay a $150 signup fee and 5% on each booming sale market. The black market also features an in-built BTC-XMR exchange. However, security is the priority of the Tor2Door market, where Mnemonic code, PIN, 2-FA, and login phrases are available.

2: Royal Market

Market Analysis

  • No of Products: 23700+
  • Currencies Support: Bitcoin & Monero
  • Vendor Bond: $500
  • Registration: Required
Royal Market

The royal market has the most appealing interface on the list. It has an impressive product stock of 23700+. All the happy products are listed, including drugs, counterfeit documents, leaks, tutorials, fraud items, etc., while illegal porn, weapons, poison, and murder services are not allowed here.

This website does not accept independent sellers and takes a $500 vendor bond. The reputed vendors on another marketplace can apply for a free seller account. Here you can use third-party wallets to pay for each order directly. No withdrawal to the market wallet is required. Other than that, it admits BTC & XMR payments, and the best part of the royal market is wallet less market.

3: Vice City Market

Market Analysis

  • Focus on Customer & Vendor Experience
  • Purchase without a Wallet
  • Support: 2-3 Multi-sig
Vice City Market

This is one of the most focused black markets on customer and vendor experience—the vice city market pride itself on its services and site function by taking feedback. Moreover, giving value to both sides of the story ensures an outstanding user experience for anyone who comes in touch with it.

As of right now, the website supports two out of three multi-signature formats, Finalize, Early, and Escrow. Wallet-less purchases are also possible on this site if you do not have any money in your darknet account.

4: WeTheNorth

Market Analysis of Dark Web Markets

  • Security: 2-FA/ PIN
  • Vendor Bond: C$100
  • No of Products: 3000+
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin

There are about 3000 products available on WeTheNorth. I know the number is insufficient, but there is a reasonable reason for it. The C – which means it is a Canada-based market. So, Canadian vendors and buyers can sign up at the market and find fewer products.

The market use only Bitcoins, and I’d be happy if the site accepts Monera, but it does not. It allows independent vendors to sell different objects on the market. The Vendor fee is C$100, and if you want to make any purchases, the wallet is always used in your account by the market.

5: Nemesis Dark Web Market

Market Analysis

  • Security: 2-FA/ Withdrawal password
  • Vendor Bond: $250
  • No of Products: 2k+
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin + Monero
Nemesis: Dark Web Markets

The Nemesis Market is a new market with a clean, simple, modern interface. It is not necessary to register in order to browse products. The number of products listed today is over 2000, and if we consider the age of the market, this number is quite impressive.

Nemesis market has various products, which include drugs, counterfeit items, forgeries, frauds, hacking items, etc. Moreover, it does not allow the sale of illicit items and minimizes the chance of an exit scam. The vendor fee required $250 and a 5% commission per sale too. Payments can be sent to vendors only using Bitcoin & Monero.

6: Quest Market

Market Analysis of Dark Web Markets

  • Security: Escrow/ 2-FA/ login phrase
  • Vendor Bond: 01742562 BTC
  • No of Products: 2500+
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin + XMR
Quest: Dark Web Markets

The Quest Market is a newer market with a different interface than what’s typically found in traditional markets. I consider it a welcome upgrade. The site has about 2500 products listed as of March 2023. These products look like those on the dark web, such as drugs, counterfeit, fraud-related items, etc.

The dark web market allows payment via Bitcoin and Monero. In fact, it is more appealing due to wallet-less sites. On the other hand, the vendor is open for every person and requires a 0.01742562 BTC vending fee when people pay in XMR. Registration is compulsory and offers a mnemonic code for account recovery.

7: World Market

Market Analysis

  • Security: 2-FA, Mnemonic code, 6-digit PIN, Escrow
  • Vendor Bond: $50
  • No of Products: 600
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin
World Market

This is a new black marketplace with fewer than a thousand products. It includes drugs, fraud, counterfeit, services, etc. The world market only accepts Bitcoin with no acceptance of wallet-less accounts; you should need to make payment in advance.

The withdrawal fee is around 0.5%, and bitcoin requires 2 deposit confirmations. Deposit histories are deleted in 7 days, and vendors are allowed to sell vendors for $50. The login phrase feature does not exist; therefore, you must be careful about phishing URLs in the dark web markets.

8: Ares Market

Market Analysis

  • Security: 2-FA
  • Vendor Bond: $1000
  • No of Products: 5K+
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin + Monero
Ares Market

Ares marketplace overhauled its clean, sleeker, and easy-to-use UI. The website got 5500+ products as of March 2024, including drugs, gift cards, dumps, cards, VPN, etc. However, its vendor policy requires a $1000 signup fee, but established vendors can also apply for free accounts. The account security requires standard PGP-based 2-FA and ensures it’s a wallet-less market while you can use Bitcoin and XMR coins.

9: Darkode Reborn

Market Analysis of Dark Web Markets

  • Security: 2-FA
  • Vendor Bond: 200$, Gold – 1,000$, Diamond – 2,000$
  • No of Products: 9,300
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin & XMR
Darkode Reborn: Dark Web Markets

Darkode is a new darknet site that is a hilarious omniverse marketplace that combines everything in one place. You can do more stuff than you think, such as equipment and fraud-related products. This site offers an online shopping experience with a neat user interface, including a section where you can buy a gift card to give to your colleagues. We hope that you love to share and appreciate the experience.

10: ASAP Market

Market Analysis of Dark Web Markets

  • Security: 2-FA
  • No of Products: 17,000
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin & XMR
ASAP Market: Dark Web Markets

ASAP is a huge marketplace that features multiple products with over 100+ categories. The market was initially called ASEAN but rebranded in a short period. This site has a feature that identifies scammers and fake reviews, which is a wonderful aspect of this software. They are willing to give value to vendors and keep vendors into consideration for adding value to the market.

11: MGM Grand

Market Analysis of Darknet World Markets

  • Security: Does not require PGP
  • No of Products: 16,000
  • Currency Support: Bitcoin
MGM Grand

MGM Grand is a small dark web marketplace that has been around since April 2021 and has become more famous due to the unavailability of other dark kingdom markets. According to the market stats, the web host a total of 366 vendors, and it has around 6,000 active buyers. This MGM Grand market features a unique design that’s sleek to navigate and mobile-friendly. This means that it can be used to place orders from mobile that have a Tor browser installed on them with easiness.

The market comprised a featured list of vendors from the EU and UK. However, there and several vendors based in the US and Australia. Most vendors are at level 1 with few sales.  Many listings on the market appear to be from banned vendors, who are relatively numerous, and the prices are often confusing. It is possible to view listings by category or vendor, although it is hard to find vendors with much experience without a filter showing Level 2 or higher vendors. Currently, MGM Grand only accepts Bitcoin.

12: Exolix Exchange

Market Analysis of Darknet World Markets

  • No of Daily Transactions: 2,000 within every 24 hours
  • Currency Support: BTC and ETH, USDT
Exolix Exchange

Exolix is a crypto-swapping service that has been operating for over 3 years and supports several crypto and tokens. Currently, they offer a degree of flexibility in swaps, with fees dependent on the coins being swapped. No registered account is required to initiate a swap, and the most popular swap offered by Exolix is BTC/XMR.

Exolix opened for business in 2019 and supported 100 coins and tokens. Over three years, they were adding several supported coins close to 400. They can be contacted through a variety of means, including internal customer support, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Bitcointalk. In addition, Exolix supports a sleek design that makes it easy to perform swaps, with most swaps taking somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.

The fact that Exolix supports wrapped BTC and ETH, USDT, and other tokens on non-native chains, as well as a number of tokens that aren’t supported by similar services, are some of the cool features that set them apart from other services.