Best 8 Dark Web Chat Rooms You Shouldn’t Miss

Best 8 Dark Web Chat Rooms

If you want to know about chatting space on the dark web, it’s sufficient to just roam around on the Tor network & connect with strangers via multiple chat rooms. There are many chat rooms on the darknet that can assist you in getting a better idea of how things work in this deepest layer of the internet.

However, these chartrooms are totally legal; whether you just browse them or even chat in them: you are secure from legal persecution. It’s essential to stay on guard and not fall for any uncertain offers posted by users on these web chat rooms. Hence, security is the top priority on the darknet.

Whatever your reason, you can talk about anything from sensitive topics to illegal trade with strangers, usually without registering. The various layers of encryption on dark web browsers, such as Tor, let users send and receive texts anonymously.

If you are seeking a safe way to access & participate in the darknet chat rooms by using encrypted browsers. In this blog, I will give you a detailed guide about the darknet chat rooms & the best forums where you can talk freely with strangers. Let’s jump into details.

Security Tips Before Entering Chat Rooms

Whenever you access the dark web, you must ensure you are safe from any malicious interference or attack. You must do the things mentioned below before entering dark sites or chatrooms.

  • Before going into the chat room, remember that do not involve into content sharing, illegal discussion, and other activities prohibited by law. If you do, it will be 100% your responsibility.
  • Always use the best VPN to secure your identity on the dark web. I suggest you use NordVPN, which encrypts your internet traffic and alters your IP address. So it becomes impossible for anyone to track your activities or uncover your identity. Hence, the NordVPN onion over the VPN server is basically for the darknet.
  • Switch off your camera and microphone, and shut down all other apps that are running in the background. The only apps that should be working are the Tor browser and VPN.

Note: to avoid difficulty in chat rooms, ensure not to tap any links that are posted on them. If you do, you are risking catching a virus.

Best Working Chat Rooms List of the Dark Web

Best Working Chat Rooms List of the Dark Web

There are lots of people who want to chat in rooms on the darknet and discover the mysterious internet world. Due to the anonymous nature of these chat rooms, sometimes you may get into trouble. So it’s essential to be very cautious if you decide to chat with strangers on the darknet. Ensure you have taken the precautions that have been mentioned above before entering the rooms. I have curated a list of top anonymous & functioning chat rooms, so you can connect with strangers anonymously.

1. Black Hat Chat Room

It’s considered to be the best darknet chat room. It’s 100% anonymous, even though it doesn’t need any proper registration. You just have to enter a nickname and passcode. Hence, it is entirely random, and there is no way to trace it back to you.

Black Hat Chat Room

The advanced feature of the black hat room allows you to send messages to individuals. So, not all your texts need to be public. Additionally, you can use the ignore feature if you do not wish to see some users’ messages. You can also remove your previous sent texts. Also, it allows you to modify your text color background color and set a refresh rate and even avoid texts from particular users. It’s quite an active forum; at any time, you can find 10-20 members active.

As the name shows, it’s a hacking chat forum, and people usually talk about hacking and carding. But, you can also chat about anything you want. However, you cannot discuss illegal spam things such as child porn.

2. Mega Tor

Mega Tor: dark web chat rooms

It is also included in the top list of dark web chat rooms and is one of the largest live chat rooms. You can’t feel that it is a tor site, as it has a very clearnet-like UI. Hence, there are so many rooms available, and most of them have thousands of active users at any time. The message you sent to this room is visible to everyone. However, it is not necessary to register yourself, and one can also join as a “Guest.” Hence, free and anonymous registrations are available.

Moreover, the other feature “DM” option, allows you to talk to any individual from the room secretly. You can also add “Favorite” individuals and even set custom status for your account. Although it has few advanced features, for beginners, you can send GIFs, recordings, images, and stickers. There is no restriction on these rooms, and you are free to talk about what you like, but illegal & spam content is frowned upon.

3. BoyChat

Boy Chat room

Boychat is a safe place for gays; it means men who love men. To your surprise, this chat room is usually filled with individuals from the LGBTQ community, and no wonder since the world is mainly non-liberal. Some countries even persecute persons with untraditional sexual desires.

In the Boychat room, individuals pursue their unusual sexual orientation. There is a section called the “Treehouse,” mainly used for real-time chats and one-liners. Any unlawful content is forbidden in this chat room. If you wish to use it, you will have to first sign up with it.

4. AbleOnion Chat

AbleOnion Chat: dark web chat rooms

It is the self-moderating popular darknet chat room that allows both group chats and one-to-one connections. You can find individuals talking about illegal sexual and spam topics. The best thing is that you can censor the site and remove chats you don’t wish to appear on your screen by entering the “/ignore” and the name of the person you wish to block. Remembering your username will lead you back to your chatroom & pick up where you gone off.

To access this chatroom, you have to choose a username and a complete CAPTCHA. Usually, you will see lots of active users at any time on Ableonion. So there are more chances that you will find similar interest people.  

5. Mad IRC

MadIRC: dark web chat rooms

Mad IRC is an anonymous hand-made IRC server where participants must register themselves before entering the chatroom. Hence, the username is automatically assigned to every user; you can modify it. When the connection is established, you can talk with other members on the chat server.

Mad IRC is a legit site that censors terms that are not lawful on their platform. The discussion usually revolves around politics, privacy, technology, etc. It has a list of all the prohibited terms that are not allowed to talk about illegal content in this chat room. There are also some features of this chatting platform, including blocking specific users and removing direct messaging. 

You can find 10-20 members in rooms at any time. It only lets you talk about legal things. Mad IRC started as a darknet site, but it is now also available on Clearnet.

6. Semen Alert

 Semen Alert

This is another level of darknet chatroom with 100% anonymity. You don’t need to register, sign up or log in and share personal information. Moreover, it has no rule to work on the website. The interface is not appealing and outdated. All messages have to be left as comments rather than real-time chat messages. And these messages are real-time and shown to the public. In addition, it allows you to attach a file with each message. This web is full of fun and harmless content, but it is extremely illegal.

7. Teen Video Chat

Teen Video Chat: dark web chat rooms

This is one of the unique dark web chat rooms and is related to an anonymous s*x cam site. It’s the free web, but if you want to connect cam-to-cam teens or watch public streams, then you have to pay to avail. You can also use a text chat feature while watching your desired streams. At the same time, you can find 300-500 users’ online activity, and these online crowds are related to girls.

You should keep your connection online until you find someone you like. Moreover, you can also get filters as per your plan. The most expensive plan gives you outclass features like age, gender, language, and region. In addition, payment can be made to BTC, LTC, DASH, and Monero. The sites require registration with complete anonymity and a fake name or email because it keeps your personal profile hidden from others.

8. Random

Randomchat: dark web chat rooms

Random is the simplest dark web chat room ever. It is a platform that connects you to random people around the dark world. There is no requirement for registration, just you need to connect to visit the web and connect with someone to enjoy. You can connect quickly with one-on-one darknet chat sites but talk to one person at a time.

This web name clicks to mind that talk to random people worldwide. When you find a new one, all your chat with the last person is deleted forever. There is no way to connect with the last person again. I have used it and admit that it doesn’t have more advanced features. Moreover, there is no rule to talk freely about anything. It is best to avoid topics that may be illicit and allow sharing of links and even uploading files.


Dark web chat rooms are popular virtual places where users, identified by their nicknames, meet to talk with each other. If you wish to chat anonymously with strangers, you can check the above-mentioned chat rooms list that lets you talk in private or public groups. But, always be cautious and do not participate in any illegal discussions prohibited by law. If you involve in any illegal things, you are alone responsible for your actions on the darknet. Do let us know if you ever visited these chatrooms about your experience in the comment section.